I’m sick of all the talk Conlan and I have to fight this Summer

Paul Butler is confident he will defeat a Mexican on March 22 then take on ‘The Mexican’ in the Summer.

Butler is penciled in to fight a yet to be named Mexican on the undercard of another fight Irish fight fans will keep an eye on for Stephen Ormond reasons, Terry Flanagan versus Derry Matthews on March 22.

If he comes through that bout the Elsemere Port puncher, a former bantamweight World champion, is hopeful he will finally trade leather with long time verbal sparring partner Jamie Conlan.

The Belfast ‘Mexican,’ who was ruled out of the proposed Clash of The Clans fight night with a shoulder injury, has said the fight is inevitable and has been crying for it for a number of years now. The pair seem destined to trade leather in the Summer, but Butler claims if it doesn’t happen then it will never happen.

“Conlan’s injury shouldn’t affect our plans to fight next, I think he got a tiny tear or something, but he is back punching apparently. He will probably fight in six weeks’ time and then me and him can get it on in May/June time,” Butler told World Boxing News.

“I’ve wanted this fight for a long time and he has been calling me out since I was British champion, but has never wanted the fight when we asked. This is the time for it to happen and it either happens in the summer or it isn’t getting made at all. I’m sick of it being talked about and saying it will happen after this next fight all the time.

“I want to be fighting for world title and I’m not holding back just for Conlan. We both have good rankings with the WBO, so if it does happen it should be a world title eliminator. Even better, If Inoue moves up in weight then it could be for the vacant belt,” he added


Integral part of the Irish boxing community for over 13 years