We are ringside and ready to go for the ‘Return of the Mick’ card in Belfast.

Boxing returns to the Odyssey after four years away as Mick Conlan starts a new chapter of his career.

Following the fight week cancellations of James McGivern v Tony McGlynn and Lewis Crocker v Carlos Aquino, we have 10 bouts to sink our teeth into.

The early portion of the undercard will be streamed live on the Boxing Social YouTube channel before switching to the PPV stream. will be posting round-by-round updates of each undercard fights and you can also watch the Boxing Social stream here:

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22:12: That’s it for the undercard liveblog. Stay tuned to for a full final-bell fight report from the main event. Thanks for reading!

22:10: McKenna gets it! 96-95 x 2 and 97-94. Could have gone either way but the Belfast man moves on.

Round 10: After the boxing of the previous rounds, it all went out the window for McKenna in the closer as he stood and traded. Words (or, at least, my words) can’t accurately describe the carnage of the final exchanges as it went to the cards.

Round 9: McKenna boxes well again in a messy ninth, with the referee telling both to clean it up. A strong finish from Jenkins put things up for decision and it looked like the final round could be crucial.

Round 8: The quietest round of the fight is a good one for McKenna who boxes well from distance, potshotting the former British champion to good effect.

Round 7: Again, the greater quality is on McKenna’s shots but the pace of Jenkins is to be seen to be believed. ‘The Mighty Celt’ needs to break his rhythm.

Round 6: McKenna’s left hooks are the most eye-catching punches here but the activity of Jenkins is superior. All to play for with four rounds to go.

Round 5: Tyrone McKenna is trying to box and is doing well when he is at range but Jenkins is getting inside where he is very busy. God knows how this fight is being scored.

Round 4: The pace has dropped slightly but McKenna still sends Jenkins reeling back with a long left hand.

Round 3: People at ringside cannot believe the pace that is being set in this fight as both go hell for leather, Jenkins with combinations of uppercuts while McKenna slams home hooks from a different postcode. Defences out the window.

Round 2: WAR! Jenkins on top again until the pair trade and McKenna hurts the visitor with a succession of hooks! Jenkins roars his approval. What a fight already!

Round 1: Was it ever going to go any other way? McKenna and Jenkins trade from the opening bell. Relentless stuff from both of them, the Welshman finishing the stronger.

21:22: It’s time for blood! Tyrone McKenna v Chris Jenkins.

21:11: Great display from Molloy who improves to 2(2)-0.

Round 2: The body work is too much for Vazem, he’s down and in a lot of pain, the count goes by, KO Kieran Molloy!

Round 1: Patient, methodical work from Molloy who is digging to the body well, having his absolute way with Vazem.

21:01: Getting close to main event time. Next up is Kieran Molloy versus Evgeni Vazem. Six rounds at light middleweight.

20:53: Now 14-0, there are some big fights in the pipeline for big Poddy who just keeps on winning. The talk ringside is Rocky Fielding – what a shootout that would be.

20:50: A big right hand did the initial damage, putting Periban down hard. The Mexican rose but his glove brushed the canvas following an exchange at the restart and, smelling blood, McCrory closed the show in the corner. That was so impressive.

Round 5: Wow wow wow. Padraig McCrory has Periban down three times and the fight is OVER. What a win!

Round 4: ‘Don’t Hook With A Hooker’ is one of boxing’s golden rules but ignoring it leads to high stakes fights and the crowd are on the edge of their seats every time McCrory and Periban come in close. This is thrilling stuff.

Round 3: This is mental. Massive lefts comes in from McCrory and he has Periban on wobbly legs but the veteran keeps landing sharp shots of his own, cutting the Irishman. Someone is going to go soon.

Round 2: HUGE right hand from McCrory slumps Periban into the ropes. Knockdown! The Mexican is up quickly and McCrory goes in for the kill, they trade, BIG left hand from Periban in amongst the leather from McCrory, what a fight already!

Round 1: Very cagey to start here in Belfast. McCrory hasn’t let the ‘Hammer’ go too much but a shot to the side did land with an almighty crack. Periban has been too wily so far up top but there’s a long way to go.

20:29: Insane atmosphere here for McCrory. The People’s Champ.

20:25: Moving straight on, Padraig McCrory has a very tough fight with Marco Antonio Periban, a veteran gatekeeper who will be licking his lips about facing the Belfast super middle. Hold onto your hats.

20:20: 59-55 for Kurt Walker who moves to 3-0 after a very good outing.

Round 6: Close final round. Martinez not lying down and that’s exactly what you want for a prospect who was an elite amateur. Walker should have this as we go to the cards.

Round 5: Strong start again from the Argentine but Walker works his way back into the round well. May need this final round here just to make 100% sure.

Round 4: Change of approach from Martinez who goes on the attack in a big way in the fourth but Walker is able to deal well. We’ll see what he has now as he goes into the fifth and the sixth for the first time.

Round 3: Walker probing for openings here as Martinez’s output drops. He’s trying to walk the Lisburn feather into traps but Walker is too cute.

Round 2: Some real moments of class from Walker here in the second. Has Martinez momentarily buzzed but the South American fights back well.

Round 1: Fast start from Walker but Martinez grows into the opener. Real fight on our hands.

19:51: Straight into an early step up for Kurt Walker who, in just his third fight, faces 18-3 Argentinian Marcos Martinez.

19:46: It’s a whitewash for Paddy Donovan – 80-72 – who now moves to 9(6)-0.

Round 8: Some flashy stuff from Donovan in the final round but Hill stands strong and we go the distance.

Round 7: The seventh began tactically but Donovan was able to force it to the corner again in the closing moments, landing solid shots on Hill but not having enough time to build on this success.

Round 6: Donovan is indeed stepping it up, bringing Hill into the corners and unloading. The stoppage could be coming because the visitor doesn’t seem to have much left.

Round 5: Cagier in the fifth as Donovan looks to work an opening. Will need to step it up to get the stoppage but is currently cruising to a points win.

Round 4: Big damage done by Donovan who has Hill cornered but the Englishman manages to make it out of the round. Things are stepping up.

Round 3: Opening up a little bit here. Hill trying to land some shots but he’s just not fast enough to catch Donovan.

Round 2: Hill is starting to wave Donovan in after the Limerick welter lands heavy shots to the body but Paddy is taking things gradual here, looking to break down the Redcar man.

Round 1: All Donovan to start. Hill is a rabbit in the headlights at the minute as the Irishman looks to line him up for a big shot.

19:12: What a walk-in from Paddy Donovan. Wow. The place is hopping.

19:06: No hanging around, Tom Hill is on his way in now to fight Paddy Donovan. We are all go in Belfast.

19:04: 60-54 for Sean McComb – fun fight to end the Boxing Social broadcast.

Round 6: The atmosphere is building in Belfast and McComb is feeding on it, pushing Blanco hard but it goes the distance.

Round 5: McComb turning the screw here but Blanco is not budging at all. Get this lad back for more fights in Ireland.

Round 4: Wherever he goes in his career, it’s undeniably that Sean McComb is a lovely boxer to watch when he’s in full flow. Silky skills.

Round 3: If McComb thought he was going to get a handy outing here he’d have been sadly mistaken. Having to work for every inch but his skills are the difference.

Round 2: Blanco has come to win here but is being picked off by the backtracking McComb. Surprisingly competitive fight.

Round 1: McComb looking sharp to start but Blanco is no mug, barrelling forward.

18:36: Straight into the next fight here. Sean McComb v Ramiro Blanco over six.

18:35: Murphy gets the nod. 79-74. AND THE NEW BUI Celtic featherweight champion.

Round 8: Fatigue is setting in here and Murphy is picking some nice shots when he has range. They go the distance. Great scrap!

Round 7: Slower pace in round seven. It’s still a battle and Murphy is winning every round but Farrell has turned in some performance here.

Round 6: WAR in the sixth as the pair trade on the ropes. Farrell has given everything here. Credit to him.

Round 5: Huge overhand right lands from Murphy as he turns the screw, forcing Farrell to the ropes. The Commonwealth Youth medallist is walking through counter shots to land bombs of his own.

Round 4: Murphy is rolling forward like a tank. Farrell fighting gamely from the ropes but it’s only going one way.

Round 3: Farrell is actually countering well here but the pace of Murphy is hard to keep up with. 3-0.

Round 2: The Murphy body attack is paying dividends already, with Farrell’s mouth hanging open. Rudy is being dragged into a fight he doesn’t want to be in.

Round 1: Murphy is throwing bombs from the start. Some smart jabs in response from Farrell but the heavy shots are being landed by ‘The Posh Boy’.

17:58: Next up is the big BUI Celtic featherweight title fight between Colm Murphy and Ruadhan Farrell.

17:56: 40-35 win for Fearghus Quinn. Solid stuff. Hopefully the Armagh middleweight can build a bit of momentum from here. 4-0 now after a long first two years in the pros.

Round 4: The mouthpiece comes out three more times but Gratii gets away with it as Quinn pours forward looking for the stoppage.

Round 3: Southpaw Quinn starting to hit home with some heavy shots but Gratii is employing every trick in the book to stay in the fight.

Round 2: Octavia Gratii is using every trick here and finally has a point docked for repeated spitting out of the mouthpiece. All Quinn so far.

Round 1: Quinn straight onto the front foot but Gratii is a crafty customer, looking to spoil.

17:40: Here we go. First up is Armagh middleweight Fearghus Quinn in against Octavian Gratii of Moldova.

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