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Ray Moylette Plots Dramatic Finale

Ray Moylette  [12(5)-2(1)] is confident Scott Murray can help him write a happy ending.

The Mayo fighter believes he is entering the final chapter of a storied career and claims he does so alongside characters that will ensure its entertaining and successful final few pages.

Things went worryingly quiet after the 33-year-old bounced back from a defeat to Dalton Smith with a routine back-to-winning ways victory in Dublin in November and there were some who wondered whether we’d see the Westerner again.

However, followers of Moylette, who has only had three fights since 2018, were given reason to smile again, will fight Jamie Stewart in The Premier Suite, Cannock on Thursday.

“Scott has really given me another opportunity to reignite my career,” Moylette comments when speaking to Irish-boxing.com.

“I’m so grateful to have him backing me. Packie [Collins] has worked very hard over the last few months to make sure we got the best deal over the table. I’ve surrounded myself with good people,” he adds before stressing he comes back eager to compete.

“I’m excited to be back in fight mode. I’ve taken a bit of downtime for myself and I’m fully recharged and raring to fight. There’s another chapter in this book yet before it closes for good.”

The move comes at the perfect time for the European Championships medal winner.

The St Annes graduate has received big fight offers, which suggest he remains relevant, but he personally feels the need for activity, so he can do himself justice in said fights. With that in mind, Moylette is delighted he has three bouts lined up, although he is adamant they can’t be just ring rust-freeing gimmes.

“My career is in a funny place at the minute. I have been offered big fights over the last few months. Some I refused as I knew I wasn’t active enough to get the best out of myself and some I agreed to fight but ended up falling through for one reason or another,” he said.

“I wouldn’t just take a big fight for the sake of it. If I agree to fight I’m coming to win. I have all the attributes to climb the ladder and challenge in big fights. However, I’m missing out on activity and keeping busy,” he adds before sharing the plan.

“I sat down with Scott and we put a plan together. He guaranteed me 3 fights this year that will keep me progressing through the super lightweight division. I was particular when I said no warm-up fights and no keep-busy fights.”


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