Ginley: I have to quash knockout desire and just focus on victory

FINDING God ensured Ray Ginley was at peace throughout the most difficult period of his career, but it hasn’t prevented him wanting to go war in the ring this coming Saturday.
A shoulder injury has prevented the 5-0 fighter from fighting this year and he returns at the Ring of Dreams in Winston-Salem, North Carolina this coming Saturday with making up for lost time on his mind.
The 21 year old Greenblood’s fighter isn’t quite baying for blood, but revealed he has a massive urge to comeback with a bang and register a knock out win.
Indeed, Ginley claims he is trying to suppress the short route to victory desire knowing victory is paramount and the method by which it comes is irrelevant.
“I’m fighting a guy called Quincy Minor who actually isn’t a bad fighter, he’s a tall, rangy, fast South Paw counter puncher so he may be a tricky costumer,” Ginley told
“I am confident of getting the win, as far as predictions go I’ll keep my mouth shut. All I’ve been thinking is ‘I have to knock him out, I have to knock him out’, when really I need to get that out of my head and just focus on winning the rounds and getting victory.”
After such a long lay off that eagerness to make an impression is understandable. Ginley, however claims being absent through injury wasn’t as dire as he expected due to the fact while his boxing journey was on hold he started a spiritual one.
“You know it hasn’t been as bad as I would have thought and I think that’s due to the spiritual journey I went on while being out of the ring,” the light heavyweight with super middleweight aspirations added.
“Most people now by now that I have become Christian and my faith in God  got me through that time of inactivity. I’m very thankful to God that I’m able to box again and I know what ever lies ahead in my journey as a professional boxer and life in general that’s all in Gods hands I don’t worry too much about it.”
The former Emerald puncher isn’t worried about his injury either, but does admit going through six rounds pain free on Saturday night will help some of the mental scars left by injury.
“Camp for this fight went as good as I could have hoped. Before coming to Philly I got some good rounds sparring with Eamonn O’Kane and Tommy McCarthy. Then when I came to Philly I was getting good tough sparring here often doing six four minute rounds with 30 seconds break so my conditioning isn’t a problem.
“As far as the shoulder is concerned It’s healing up really well, but is be lying if I said it was 100%, It still plays on my mind a bit in the ring and I tend to neglect throwing my left as much, but that’s all mental I’ll get over that soon.”


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