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Pretty in Pink – The Two Tyrone’s HAIRlarity continues

Irish boxing’s double act Tyrone McKenna and Tyrone McCullough took it to HAIRlarious new heights tonight.

The pranksters and continual jokers ended up pretty in pink after dying their hair and eyebrows respectively.

Both the Derry and Belfast fighters brought bright pink into their life after a yet another personal bet.

The pair agreed that whoever finished with the least points in a recent MTK quiz would turn pink.

McKenna was to get his hair dyed pink if he lost and McCullagh was to dye his eyebrows.

The super bantamweight and light welterweight finished with an equal number of points, but a draw wasn’t enough for them to draw a line under the bet – and both proceeded to have their hair died.

You’d think by now the duo, who once turned up at a press conference dressed as Loyd and Harry from Dumb and Dumber, would know better than to challenge each other by now. After losing a bowling bet to his fellow Pete Taylor trained fighter ended up with a tattoo of ‘White Chocolate’ eating a burrito on his leg.

In terms of the serious business of fighting both were in Dublin today, suggesting they are back in camp with Taylor, which in turn suggests they have fights coming up.

McKenna has a mouthwatering Golden Contract final with old rival Ohara Davies to look forward for. No date or venue has been revealed with regard to the grudge match with a five figure six fight deal at stake.

‘White Chocolate’ exited the featherweight leg of the tournament at the semi final stage, but has suggested he will return to super bantamweight over the coming months.

He could be in line to fight on one of the proposed #MTKFigthNights.

Pictures courtesy of Josh Reid McCabe.


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