Power puncher goes pro

23 April 2010 – By Steve Wellings

Lurgan hopeful Ryan Greene is ready to cash in his career as a shop owner and start punching for professional pay. The 26-year-old makes his debut in Belfasts Holiday Inn on May 8 in the latest instalment of Alan Wiltons ever-popular small hall events.

Im training flat-out at the moment in preparation, Greene told Irish-boxing.com.

In slightly unorthodox fashion Greene is self-trained and whips himself into fighting condition in a purpose built gym at the back of his house.

I used to box at 75kg as an amateur and Im turning pro at light-middleweight, he explained. Ive been sparring [fellow debutant] Brian Cussack to get myself sharpened up.

I boxed for the Dockers club as an amateur and won an Ulster title, boxed for Ireland and travelled to Iceland, Denmark and Sweden. My style is more suited to the pro game as Im an aggressive fighter and the computer boxing didnt really suit me, my approach is more action-based, from a southpaw stance.

Greene is relishing a chance to get involved in Irelands busy light-middleweight scene but admits that only the big players are earning the sort of money that would allow him to quit his growing retail business.

Ill still be running the shop even though Im turning pro because theres not enough money in the game to sustain a professional career on its own. Away from boxing I go to the cinema with my fianc and I like to go out on a Saturday night even though I dont drink.

Despite a moderately successful stint in the unpaid code Ryan soon realised that his style had taken him as far as he could go.

I took a break from the amateurs last year after realising that I wasnt going to make it much further and it was an ambition to turn professional at some stage. I didnt think that I would be able to win an Irish title as an amateur because of the scoring system, the Dublin guys box really well and are adapted to the computer scoring.

A couple of months ago I was looking to turn pro but didnt know who to go with and I met up with Alio and we agreed that I could cut my hours at the shop and it suits me to train this way rather than go into a professional gym. Were taking things slowly at the start and I dont know how far I can go boxing is a hard sport.

I want to do well as a pro and Id love to win an Irish title and then take it from there.

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