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Phil Sutcliffe Jr is not happy with his fellow Irish light welters

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The only way to get your hands on the Irish light welterweight title is through Phil Sutcliffe Jr [11(7)-1(0)], according to the disgruntled puncher himself.

The normally reserved ‘Succo’ has taken exception to fellow domestic 140lbs fighters talking about Irish tilts and planning green strap assaults while at the same time not mentioning his name.

The 27 year old is all too aware he is high-risk opposition and, as a result, the queue to fight him is non-existent.

The former amateur National Elite Champion came to terms with that fact early in his career, and knows he will have to win straps to encourage boxers to take the risks involved with fighting the frightening puncher.

However, what he refuses to accept is Irish fighters making plans to challenge for the Irish title without considering him as an opponent.

The MGM light welter claims he is first in line for the strap and told Irish-Boxing.com that anyone looking to fight for it has to go through him first.

“If any of them think they can call out each other for Irish titles while not wanting to fight me they can think again. They are trying to jump the queue. I am waiting since my fourth pro fight for that Irish title. They have to fight me first then they can go back to calling each other out. I will win it and vacate then they can fight whoever they want for it but not before they fight me.”

The light welterweight division in Ireland has had some spotlight shed on it of late. Tyrone McKenna and Sean Creagh will battle it out for the Celtic Nations title in Belfast on November 5th, a card Sutcliffe also appears on.

That fact that it is an eight round contest means both will be Irish title eligible come November 6th and there are other 140lbs fighters targeting the winner and suggesting the domestic strap could be on the line. Jake Hanney has said he wants to trade leather with the winner and is Irish title-keen, while Stephen ‘Shortty’ Carroll has long been linked with an Irish title fight against Creagh and has stated the pair have discussed a possible new year tilt.

Such talk hasn’t sat well with Sutcliffe and the fighter, who had agreed to fight Micheal Kelly for the title for his fifth fight back in 2013 before the Dundalk man was deemed ineligible, is adamant no-one should be allowed to challenge before him.

“I don’t care if they would or wouldn’t [fight me],” he continued. “Any of the lads in the top ten can have a go, but my name will go down as Irish champion.”


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