Paddy Who? – Lewis Crocker responds to Conah Walker’s Donovan claims

Lewis Crocker says he only has eyes for Connah Walker going into their Matcroom meeting this Saturday night.

Walker has suggested ‘The Croc’ has been distracted by the potential of a massive November clash with Limerick star Paddy Donovan and as a result is overlooking the challenge immediately in front of him.

The 27-year-old from Belfast claims that couldn’t be further from the truth and points out he has made a deliberate attempt to ensure his gaze is firmly on the resurgent Wolverhampton fighter.

“He’s talked a lot of shit the whole way through about me,” Walker has said.

“He’s saying I am overlooking him and stuff and thinking about fights after this; any interviewer that’s asked me about a fight after this I’ve told: I’m fully focused on Saturday, Conah Walker is my focus right now. I’ve had a great camp and that’s where my confidence is coming from.”

Walker, who went from civil to civil war mid-way through camp, has been keen to pick holes in the Conlan Boxing fighter’s record and approach over the last few weeks.

He’s wondered in earshot of the press as to whether or not Crocker has fought a bonafide welterweight of note, asked if the Sandyrow man’s chin has been tested and queried as to whether or not he’d pass a gut check.

Crocker says other opponents asked similar questions ahead of fights and didn’t like the in-fight response they received.

“He says I’m made for him, but he’s made for me too. He said I haven’t had to dig deep, it’s because people can’t bring me to that. They’ve tried, but it doesn’t work out well. So, I am ready for a toe-to-toe war with this guy.

“I think Conah is a good fighter, but I don’t think he’s as good as what he thinks he is,” he adds before welcoming Walker’s approach, suggesting it has increased his excitement levels.

“It’s class having a game opponent, its exciting stuff fighting him in basically his hometown on a big stage, it gives me goosebumps thinking about it and I’m relishing the moment.”

The Billy Nelson trained puncher also stressed he has the kind of winner mindset his opponent may be lacking.

“I can’t afford defeat any time. He said win, lose or draw he’ll still get fights after this. That’s not in my mind, losing is not an option, never has been, never will be. I’m here to win every time, it’s big rewards on this stage and I’m feeling good.”


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