No such thing as ‘bros before blows’ suggests Byrne ahead of McDonagh clash

Dean Byrne will buy Peter McDonagh a tipple after he topples over the two weight Irish champion on November 7, ‘Irish Lightening’ told

The former Wild Card welterweight and the current MGM veteran are scheduled to fight for the Irish title as friends turn to foes in the National Stadium next month.

The Dub and the ‘Connemara Kid’ are said to be buddies, but Byrne warns that there is no bros-before-blows code once a fight has been signed.

Indeed, the pairs Twitter back-and-forth over recent months suggests a bit of needle is developing and Byrne admits he already has a massive desire to land one on the ‘Cinderella Man’s’ face.

However, the former Freddie Roach trained fighter and former Australian champ admits that once a clash he is confident he will win is over the pair will be friends again.

“There is no bad blood really, but it’s like any fight – I will want to punch him as soon as I see him. We are both experienced fighters and we have seen it all before. At the end of the day we are fighters, we will get it in the ring give it our all and afterward I will buy him a pint – because he will need a drink,” Byrne told

“It’s official now and I am looking forward to it. Having a date focuses your mind. I am training hard – I have just come from nine rounds with Craig Richards and Ben Ore. I am buzzing now and I still have four weeks more training.”


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