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No Coach Concerns for Mick Conlan

No one but Adam Booth was going to be the main man in Michael Conlan’s corner tomorrow night.

The Belfast featherweight was never going to play the blame game or go down the ‘change the coach’ route after suffering his first career defeat to Leigh Wood in March.

The steeped in boxing sweet science degree holder took sole responsibility for the dramatic world title reverse and said he never considered a backroom overhaul.

“Not a chance in hell,” Conlan said when questioned on the matter by Tris Dixon for The Ring.

The World Championship gold medal winner says he made errors in the Wood bout that Booth, who also works with Lewis Crocker and Kurt Walker, has been screaming for him to eradicate from his game – and went as far as to suggest the fact they lead to his demise validates his choice of coach.

“When you watch everything me and Adam were working on, there was steady progression in every single fight. You could see the improvements every time. You could see the things we were working on and them starting to play out and even in that [Wood] fight, the mistakes I made are things he’s been shouting at me for a long time and things I’ve been getting away with. Everything that has happened, good and bad, has played out, so I have full faith in Adam and I think he has full faith in me with the stuff we should have corrected and the stuff he was trying to make me correct.”

Conlan had produced a performance worthy of dethroning WBA world regular champion Wood up and until the last two stanzas where he got dropped and then stopped.

With that in mind, he points outs the errors were not glaringly obvious more little things he notes he has to amend.

He also says his working relationship with the coach that helped Andy Lee and Ryan Burnett to world title success is stronger than ever.

Conlan notes how “it was silly, silly little things that caused the ending of the last fight but everything we’d been working on until that, the southpaw stuff, the orthodox, everything showed out and it’s made our relationship even stronger. It’s rare that can happen, especially in losses, but with me and him I think it’s been fantastic. I wouldn’t change it for the world.”


Integral part of the Irish boxing community for over 13 years