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Nevin set for September return back in full training

JOHN Joe Nevin is on course for a September return and will resume his boxing career just five months after suffering a horrific double leg break.

There were fears for Nevin’s career after an assault left him with the substantial injuries, but the Olympic silver medal winner and the fighter recently ranked the best amateur bantamweight on the planet is back in full training and is eyeing up a two fights before the year is out.

The former amateur stand out and coach Brian McKeown are heading Stateside soon and will prepare for a low key comeback in September before a fighting for the third time as a pro on a bigger card in October.

“The plan is to have low key fights in September and to fight on a big promotion in October in New York or Atlantic City,” Nevin told Bernard O’Neill for the Irish Examiner.

“I will go to the USA for training for upcoming fights in the next few weeks. It’s been a difficult few months, but I made up my mind the day after my operation that nothing would stop me boxing again. I always knew I would be back.”

Nevin has put his quick recovery down to positive thinking. Doctors predicted a New Year return, but Nevin claims once he got over the initial low he set his mind on recovery and he has reap the reward of the positive mindset.

“It’s been a hard slog mentally and physically. There was only one occasion I thought my career was over and that was the day of the operation, my first day in hospital. That was my low point, the time when I was really down and I thought it was over. But after the operation I focused on the positives and on getting back to full fitness.”

“My doctors were talking about the new year for my return, but they’re amazed at the progress I’ve made. Your body reacts to your mind and your body cells react to being positive. I’ve been positive and determined all along and that’s why I’m healing quickly.

“I’ve been back in almost full training for weeks, I can do everything except the running because I have a slight limp but that will be gone soon and I’ll be able to put in the road work.”


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