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Moore Plots Downfall of Fighter he Respects and Adores

It goes beyond respect for Jamie Moore, he ‘adores’ Katie Taylor – but that hasn’t stopped him from plotting the Irish Icon’s downfall.

Chantelle Cameron’s coach has no issue sharing just how highly he regards the game-changing Irish sporting legend, yet is similarly honest when it comes to confirming he is coming to Dublin to see her beat.

There is so much reverence involved it’s not quite a respect-out-the-window scenario but the Machester trainer does indicate there is a job to be done.

The Saldford coach, whose mother hails from Kilkenny, warns he has prepared his fighter to win.

“I’ve got such a huge amount of respect for Katie and Chantelle has too for what she’s done, what’s she achieved but, at the end of the day, this is boxing and we’re going over to Dublin to win,” Moore said.

“You’ve got to give Katie massive credit for, not only accepting this fight, but going out there and pushing for this fight. Carl Frampton said that Katie could have fought his mum and still filled the arena out! And she could.

“By no stretch of the imagination did she have to take on as tough a fight as this one but she has done and you have to give her so much credit for that,” he continues before praising the trailblazer further.

“Katie is adored, not only by everyone in Ireland but by people worldwide – all of us with Irish heritage, including myself.”

That adoration didn’t stop Moore trying to place some pressure on Taylor’s shoulders. Although the Irish Icon will argue otherwise, the coach claims Taylor may feel the weight of expectation.

“Katie has all that pressure on her shoulders and Chantelle has pressure on her as well in terms of being the one who’s going to take on Katie.

“Chantelle is the underdog and rightly so, I think that’s fair, Katie has achieved so much and is such a phenomenal fighter that she should be favourite but as much as we love Katie we’re going over there trying to upset the party.”

While Moore gives Taylor favourite status he remains more than convinced Cameron will leave Dublin with her four light-welterweight world titles.

“I’m so confident in Chantelle fighting anyone at her weight,” he said.

“I understand how good she is and the way I’ve seen her develop over the years, I think she’s probably coming to her peak. It’s not a slight on Katie but I just believe she’ll beat anybody at her weight.

“By no stretch of imagination do I think that’s going to be easy but I know Chantelle is made of stern stuff – she’s got such a big heart, she’s got a great engine, she’s got a solid chin and she punches very hard and has a fantastic workrate. She’s really smart as well, she has a good amateur background with Team GB so she ticks every box. But so does Katie and that’s why it’s such a phenomenal fight.

There are some who are suggesting Cameron may have caught the Olympic gold medal winner at the right time, as she comes down the mountain.

Taylor argues otherwise and Moore didn’t take any potential decline into consideration when preparing for the fight.

Carl Frampton, Steven Ward and Conrad Cumming’s former coach has prepared for the greatest of all time’s best form.

His studies have also thought him that the undisputed lightweight world champion has adapted her approach to suit her physical capabilities over the years.

“A lot of people are saying that Katie has slowed down over the past few years but that can be a double-edged sword. Everybody slows down to a certain extent as they get older but you’re also picking up experience and the longer you go on you understand yourself as a fighter.

“So you adapt and I think Katie has adapted really well. She probably not quite as sharp and swift-of-foot as she was but she’s improved in other areas where she was a little bit weaker. I’ve been watching the best of Katie, I’ve been watching her from four or five years’ ago and I’ve been watching her recent fights and we’re expecting the very best of Katie Taylor because she coming home, in front of all her fans and that will give her the extra 10 per cent that she might need against Chantelle.”


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