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Model Pro Lee Reeves to show Irish fans why Tyson Fury called him ‘super sexy’

Lee Reeves is eager to show Irish fight fans he doesn’t just look good in photo shoots when he takes to the ring on Friday.

The Reality Star and model fights in Ireland for the first time since turning over in 2018, when he takes to the ring on JB Promotions ‘Stars of the Future’ card at the Warehouse in the Red Cow tomorrow.

The birthday boy, Reeves turned 29 this week, plans to celebrate in style by putting on an entertaining performance for his following.

The Limerick southpaw is excited for his support to finally see him fight in the flesh and wants to show them just why heavyweight champion of the world Tyson Fury called him ‘super sexy’.

“I am excited to show the Irish fans up close what I’m all about,” Reeves tells Irish-boxing.com.

“Let them see me in the flesh, let them see my sharpness and my ability. It’s great, a lot of people now get to see it rather than just hear about it.

“Over the years I’ve had so many fans, friends and family want to see me fight. I’ve always had people asking me when am I fighting at home, so it’s amazing to have this chance to fight here – and to have my family and friends watch me fight up close is beautiful.”

Reeves, who has traded leather in the UK, Canada and Columbia, faces the game and tricky Edgar Kemsky in his first fight in over a year and since he appeared in Survivor.

The fight allows him to make a positive comparison to BUI Celtic Champion Senan Kelly, who Jay Byrne wants to put him in against for an Irish title in May.

“It’s my first fight in 13 months, so the plan is to fight get the cobwebs off then have a chat with Jay and fight for titles,” Reeves says.

“Whatever’s going, I’m easygoing when it comes to fights,” he adds when asked about his domestic interest. “Once I have a team around me that I trust tell me who to fight and give me six weeks, I’ll be ready no problem.”


Integral part of the Irish boxing community for over 13 years