Mixed fortunes for Irish in World Series of Boxing

Irish welterweights Steven Donnelly and Adam Nolan both won in the World Series of Boxing (WSB) on Saturday.

But Dean Gardiner was unlucky not to get the verdict on a weekend of split decisions for and against Ireland’s WSB fighters on two continents.

Donnelly maintained his top three position in the WSB Individual 69kg rankings on a split over Ignacio Palmetta of the Argentina Condors in Argentina after recording his fourth straight win for the Hussars of Poland.

Nolan, appearing for the first time in the WSB with Italia Thunder, beat Puerto Rico’s Nicklaus Flaz on a split decision in Puerto Rico.

Gardiner was making his debut for the Mexico Guereros, but the Clonmel BC super-heavy lost on a split representing the Mexico Guerreros against Mohamed Grimes of Algeria in Algeria, also on Saturday.

The current Irish Elite champion suffered an injury to his right hand in the second round of the 91kg+ clash in North Africa.

Paddy Barnes and Michael Conlan will be in action for Italia Thunder against Argentina in two crucial clashes this weekend.


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