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LIVE UPDATES: Conlan Boxing Ulster Hall Undercard

Boxing is back in the Ulster Hall and Irish-Boxing.com are here to report on every punch.

Conlan Boxing are offering up a seven fight card (plus one exhibition) as Lewis Crocker moves into the realm of Belfast headliners.

Action is due to begin a little after 6:00pm and we will be providing round-by-round updates along with post-fight interviews in the coming days.

The full running order for tonight’s action can be found HERE.

A live stream can be accessed HERE.

Refresh to see live updates below.

9:45pm – Time for the main event. We’ll have a full fight report out for this one on the site afterwards. Thank you for joining us for the undercard coverage!

9:40pm – It is a draw – 37-37. Fair result. Let’s see it again – maybe over six after Lewis has another few fours under his belt. He’s still only a baby in pro boxing terms.

Round 4 – Some lovely right hands to finish the fight for Cain Lewis but this is looking like it’s going to be a stalemate.

Round 3 – Very nice round for Lewis again. It’s all on the final stanza now.

Round 2 – What a fight this is! Lewis much better in the second, has Yin hurt. Nice foothold there – now to get a knockdown or a stoppage to rescue things.

Round 1 – Disaster for Cain Lewis! He trades with Yin and is sent down heavily twice. He recovers well but that’ll be a 10-7 round!

9:20pm – And we’re ready for Cain Lewis v Juan Yin. Nice early test for the young Dub. Four rounds at featherweight.

9:12pm – Bit of a gap now following that stoppage. Cain Lewis v Juan Yin next but it could be a little while.

9:02pm – McCrory improves to 13(7)-0 with that win. That was exhilarating.

Round 2 – THAT’S WHAT HAPPEN WHEN THEY TRADE! McCrory sends Neves down with a huge left hook as the second round begins. The Portugese rises unsteadily and is put down with another left hook! TKO2 MCCRORY!

Round 1 – Neves has come to fight and lands a number of heavy right hands in the opener. Slightly unsteady from McCrory but ‘The Hammer’ is still dangerous himself as they trade.

8:43pm – Next fight will be Padraig McCrory v Celso Neves. First defence of the WBC International Silver title for McCrory.

8:37pm – Hugh Russell Jr gives it to McComb on a score of 79-74 (6-1 with one round even) and ‘The Public Nuisance’ improves to 13(5)-1(1).

Round 8 – Final push from Clark but McComb is able to punctuate the pressure with fast shots before the pair trade to the bell. Good fight, that.

Round 7 – Good action! No quit in Clark who lands a few heavy ones but, again, there’s Hollywood shots galore from McComb.

Round 6 – Better from the visitor in the sixth, getting into range more but McComb is landing just as many, if not more, hard shots when he manages to get a little bit of distance.

Round 5 – Ronnie Clark is trying everything to get to McComb but the Belfast boxer is just too long and strong.

Round 4 – Nice response from McComb, moving and evading very well before stunning Clark with a sharp one-two combination.

Round 3 – Decent amount of success for Clark with the right hand, may have snuck that one but McComb was still constantly busy.

Round 2 – Another big round from McComb who is putting a little more onto his shots. Clark still marching him down but how long can he do this for?

Round 1 – Fast hands from McComb who rattles combinations off Clark’s head. The Scot smiles through them and looks to get in close.

8:00pm – Paul Ryan could have literally stopped Damian Esquisabel 15 times during that interview but we’re onto McComb-Clark now!

7:52pm – Tyrone McKenna and Ali Drew having a long chat now but when they’re done we’ll have the clash of Sean McComb and Ronnie Clark. Is there still something left in the Scot at this weight and at this age? He could be dangerous for a few rounds at least.

7:49pm – McGivern takes it 60-54 on Eamonn Magill’s card and moves to 4(0)-0. Definitely a fighter that we will see the best of when he’s in with more ambitious and dangerous opponents.

Round 6 – McGivern has Fastkhullin on wobbly legs for a split second but, as expected, this one goes the distance.

Round 5 – ‘The Natural’ is sitting down on some nice right hooks upstairs. Fastkhullin lands a clipping overhand in retaliation but there’s nothing in it or following it up. Into the final round we go.

Round 4 – A few more combinations from McGivern who is also trying to feint Fastkhullin into throwing some punches that he can counter but the Belfast boxer isn’t getting many bites.

Round 3 – McGivern has found his range and is strolling through the bout. It will be interesting to see if he steps it up and looks for the stoppage.

Round 2 – Fastkhullin offered a little bit more in the second but McGivern is in complete control

Round 1 – Good start from McGivern who is targetting the body with the southpaw right hook.

7:17pm – Next up, after a bit of a pause, will be James McGivern v Russian Rustem Fastkhullin. Lightweight six rounder.

7:13pm – Nice statement from Ryan who needed just 47 seconds there. Had a nervy debut but showed his class there versus an opponent that we knew was game.

Round 1 – Ryan has Esquisabel down twice in the first minute and it’s over! Cut through him! What a start!

7:09pm – Here we go!

6:55pm – Next up will be a four rounder at light middleweight – Paul Ryan v Dominic Donegan defeater Damian Esquisabel.

6:52pm – Short break now until the ESPN+ broadcast begins at 7:00pm.

6:51pm – We go to Hugh Russell Jr’s scorecard and it’s a win for Keating! 40-35 and he improves to 5(3)-0. Ewbank drops to 4(0)-2(1).

Round 4 – Ewbank times Keating well with a big right hand after an aggressive start from the Cork boxer. A few nervous moments but nothing too major as ‘Danny Boy’ rounds out the fight from the outside.

Round 3 – Sharp straight shots from Keating, the jab rocking Ewbank’s head back almost every time as we head into the final round.

Round 2 – In control, Keating is looking to pick his shots as Ewbank does his best to hang in there.

Round 1 – Only a four rounder this but it looks like that won’t matter to Keating who has Ewbank down within 90 seconds, left hooks raining in on the MTK boxer. The fantastically-named fighter rises but is on unsteady legs as Keating lands heavy shot after heavy shot.

6:32pm – And we’re straight into the action with one of the fights of the night – Danny Keating’s Irish debut versus Englishman Jack Dempsey Ewbank.

6:31pm – Before the cameras went live, Owen O’Neill and Dominic Donegan engaged in an exhibition with plenty of aggression. This definitely could be a fight for down the line. O’Neill is hungry for a step-up and there are no questions about Dominic Donegan making it to the ring.

6:30pm – The stream is live and we are ready for some boxing at the Ulster Hall!

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