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Liam Williams ‘Sh*te Talk’ Angers Aaron Mckenna

Liam Williams’ disrespectful ‘sh*te talk’ has prompted ‘The Silencer’ to get vocal.

Aaron McKenna has carried a quiet respectful demeanor since turning over, preferring to do his talking inside the ring, although that’s something that has changed recently.

The Monaghan middle has taken to verbal sparring of late and has traded some serious social media words with the former world title challenger.

It is a break from character from the Hennessy Sports fighter but one he feels he has been forced into.

“He said something on social media then I hit back at him and it’s been going ever since,” he explained when speaking to Seconds Out.

“He’s come out with a lot of stuff I don’t like, especially when he is saying that I’m turning down dates when I’m not.”

The out-of-nowhere war of words has generated interest in the fight to the extent that Boxxer have tried to make it for two Sky Sports broadcast fight nights, including the Chris Eubank Liam Smith undercard.

“He had the chance to fight me on two dates. The first was June 16, two weeks before the fight when [Shakiel] Thompson pulled out, they offered it to Liam Williams and he turned it down.

“He said there wasn’t enough time but he’d been putting up on social media all that year, that he was ready for fights and he was training.

“The next one was on the Eubank – Smith card. There was a slot for us high up the card and he chose to go on holiday. This was after all the stuff he was putting up saying that I didn’t want to fight him and that I’m hiding. There was a fight on a massive card and he turned it down.

“He talks and lote of sh*te and he’s a buffer. It would have been massive to get on the Eubank card but he had more important things to do. He went to Mexico and was building sand castles and making love hearts in the sand while I was getting ready for fights.”

Williams has said he is open to the fight and has agreed to an October date, accusing McKenna of turning that down.

With all the chatter, boths apparent willingness and the fact Boxxer have tried to make all suggest it’s a fight that will eventually take place.

“We have to wait and see,” comments the younger brother of Steive McKenna. “Hopefully we can get it over the line. I’m ready. Hopefully, he doesn’t plan another holiday.”


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