Kevin Cronin Confirms ‘The Rumours May be True’

Kevin Cronin [4(2)-0] could have a domestic title buckled around his waist before November’s out if things go to plan.

The Kerry fighter will look to start putting a year of disappointments behind him when he finally returns to the ring on Saturday.

The Tralee native saw a number of fights fall through at the last minute in the second half of last year, the trend continued into the first six months of this year and had his progress delayed to some degree as a result.

However, he suggests he could go into 2023 as a BUI Celtic champion and with an all-Irish win on his resume if he wins his next two fights.

Rumour has Cronin, who trades leather with Ryan Hibbert at the AJ Bell Stadium, Eccles on September 24, fighting in an interesting all-Irish clash on November 19, with Robbie Burke being the name most mentioned – and when pushed on the matter by, the 26-year-old was only too happy to fuel the speculation.

“The rumours may be true,” he says.

“We are trying our best on our side to tie it down and on our side we haven’t had an issue with anything! I must keep focused on September 24th before I build anything beyond – but it’s looking very very possible.”

Cronin has been linked to an all-Irish clash with Jamie Morrissey [391)-0] but considering the Limerick fighter is out twice in October, first against Ben McGivern for the BUI super middleweight title in Scotland and then his American debut in Boston, an all Munster clash won’t be a go for November.

However, with both proving themselves domestically keen and with both possibly having title wins under their belt going into winter it could set up a mouthwatering Irish title fight for early next year.

“It would be a great fight at some stage,” comments Cronin. “I wish him nothing but this best in his title fight but right now I should hopefully have my own domestic title fight to fight after Manchester, so I ain’t looking too much into that right now. So let’s see what way things go.”


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