‘Just another opponent’ – Shane Meehan promises to take out ‘journeyman’ Sean Murray

Shane Meehan says he is going to walk through ‘journeyman’ Sean Murray on Friday night.

The Dublin middleweight partakes in an eagerly anticipated six-round clash with the Navan native on JB Promotions Mayday Mayhem bill.

The bout is being billed as a 50-50 early doors domestic with both getting praise for stepping into all-Irish action as early as fight number two.

Meehan, however, doesn’t think that praise is warranted, revealing he sees Murray as a journeyman and just another step along his pro journey.

“I’m taking my boxing seriously, he says he doesn’t want a journeyman that’s why he is fighting me but I feel like he is a journeyman for me,” Meehan told Irish-boxing.com.

“He’s just another opponent,” he adds.

“I’m going to go in here do what I need to do and the next person is an opponent again. I’m just going to keep taking people out, no matter who they are. They may think they are not a journeyman but they are to me. I’m Shane Meehan they are just another opponent. There is no safety on this glock, anyone can get it.”

The Meath side of the middleweight meile has been predicting a knockout win, something which Meehan laughs off.

“He’ll see how good I am Friday night, so he can think what he wants. I hope he keeps his hands up if he does he might make it the six rounds,” he comments. “I just can’t wait to get in there Friday and show everything what I’m about. I can’t wait to showcase everything I’ve been working on.”

Come through Friday and there is another easy all-Irish fight to make. Peter Carr wants in on the act, has been verbal about wanting the winner and is an opponent Meehan would welcome.

“That would be an electric fight, that would be insane. I know Peter and I like him, he’s a great boxer, and if we have to fight its business but I’ve to take care of things on May 10 first.”


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