Jono Carroll and Tevin Farmer separated – TWICE – at heated first press conference

Jono Carroll and Tevin Farmer came face to face today for the first time and, as expected, there were fireworks with the pair needing to be separated twice following two coming togethers

The Dubliner challenges Farmer for the IBF super featherweight title in the American’s home city of Philadelphia on Friday March 15th and the opening press conference took place this evening in the City of Brotherly Love.

Ever since Farmer [28(6)-4(2)-1] won the title versus Billy Dib last August the southpaws have been chipping away at each other on social media and finally were in the same room together today.

Carroll, drinking in the occasion, told the assembled media: “Here I am today, fighting in America. This is where dreams are made. For me, this is amazing. And I want to thank everyone from Philly — even though we had a bit of beef. I love this town, this is the first time I’ve ever been–”

In what would become a pattern, Farmer would cut across, shouting “don’t cop out now!”

Carroll [16(3)-0-1] cut back, telling Farmer “nah, I ain’t copping out, motherfucker – You’re going to get yours, don’t worry about it. You’ll get your turn to speak. Shush, little man.”

“Listen, this is where I’m going to win my world title. So for me, this place is going to be historic for my family, you know? My grandkids are going to hear stories about Philly, so I’m proud to be here today.”

“I don’t care what this little pea-brain in the back says. All I’m saying is I’m going to take his title.”

The Finglas-born, Dunshaughlin-raised, Marbella-trained 26-year-old will be a big underdog for the fight at the Liacouras Center but is unperturbed having won plenty of fights against the odds.

Carroll outlined how “I keep getting these fights and I keep winning these fights.”

“Most of my fights, I’ve been an underdog. And I just keep winning and winning and winning. Even though Eddie has been poking that little doll, I’ve still been doing it!”

I’m going to take Tevin Farmer’s belt — mark my words. Mark my words that on March 15th, Tevin Farmer’s not going to know what hit him.”

“He hasn’t been tested before. And listen, if he can beat me, I’ll take my hat off and say, ‘He’s a great man.’ Because it’s going to take a great man to beat me for a world title.”

Farmer had a large entourage with him at the press conference and one such member of the posse would heckle ‘King Kong’, shouting “easy work!”

“Easy work?” laughed Carroll. “Yeah, right, son! Easy work — yeah, right! Listen, Tevin knows he’s in for a battle, you all know he’s in for a battle.”

“All I’ll say is text me on Twitter, apologise after I spank your boy, all right?”

It was then the turn of 28-year-old Farmer, backed by a vocal crowd.

Laying into Carroll, ‘The American Dream’ said “bro, that’s not a Philly beard, first of all. You’ve got to grow the sides.”

“Second, you only got this fight because I chose you. You were supposed to win that mandatory [final eliminator for the title v Guillaume Frenois], you didn’t win — you got a draw. You was talking shit, and I said, ‘Eddie, bring him here.’ That’s number two.”

“Number three: I’m tired of beating [Irishmen]… I just beat your cousin! James Tennyson, I stopped him. I’m tired of beating y’all. You have to come and bring your best. You gotta win!”

“I’m gonna beat your ass, I’m gonna beat you the fuck up, bad. I promise to God.”

Farmer would then draw attention to a previous jibe from the Irishman

“Remember you tweeted me, telling me I’m cocky?” he asked.

Carroll jumped in, incredulous, “You don’t think you’re cocky?”

“No, I don’t think I’m cocky,” Farmer said. “But I’ll be cocky today! I’ll post up a picture, you know the picture. 20 grand says you can beat me, right?”

“After I beat your ass, I’m going to take you for a cheesesteak!”

The pair would then go head-to-head and Farmer, who has taken particular umbrage with Carroll claiming he had a tough upbringing, would stick the forehead in and requiring them to be separated by their respective promoters Lou DiBella and Eddie Hearn.

Minutes later, the pair would come together again, this time after Carroll poked fun at Farmer’s large entourage and Brian Peters, who was there for Katie Taylor who also appears on the card, would jump in to pull the pair apart


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