I want to be world champ anything less would be a failure says Conlan

JAMIE Conlan has been viewed by some as the Lemony Snickets of Irish-boxing.

The Belfast fighter suffered a sequence of unfortunate events akin to those suffered by the famous literary character in the early stages of his career.

The Mexican had break through fights fall through more than once, suffered injuries at key moments and was to a degree avoided early doors. Indeed it got so bad at one stage Conlan found the hook on which he could hang up his gloves more and more appealing.

Such was the low the undefeated found himself in you would be forgiven for assuming he would be content just to be back in regular action and competing in a sport that runs through his talented family,

That isn’t the case, however, Conlan, who tops a Boxnation broadcast bill this coming weekend has his eyes on World glory and failing to reach the top would be failure.

 “I believe everything has happened for a reason and everything I’ve done has led to this moment and everything I need to do will lead to a world title. I’ve had doubts, I’ve had more than one doubt, but where I’m over training [in Marbella] and where I am now, I feel this is all leading to the right path − the goal being a world title. I won’t settle for anything else, anything less will be a failure to me,” he told the Daily Mail.

Conlan, who has a date with Mexican Junior Granados (13-2-1) in Dublin this Saturday, has been given a new lease of life. Regular action under the Cyclone Promotions banner saw him move into World title contention and he believes his move to MGM can see him secure a coveted tilt.

The former Irish Prospect of the Year winner is also reviling in his move to Marbella and the MGM Gym and hints the benefits will be there for all to see in the National Stadium.

“It’s something I always wanted – to be in that training camp environment and away from my family and friends [because] it makes me appreciate what I have back home more but makes me focus solely on boxing.”


Integral part of the Irish boxing community for over 13 years