‘I love this game’ – Excited Spike O’Sullivan pulls a Patrice Evra ahead of comeback

Boxing is to Gary ‘Spike’ O’Sullivan what football is to Patrice Evra.

Just like the former Manchester United left-back famously declares ‘I love this game’ when discussing football, the Cork boxing loves boxing – and for that is the sole reason he returns to the ring in Mayo on Sunday.

The Cork fighter has been out of the ring since he suffered defeat to Eirslandy Lara in 2022 and has been absent for so long, some felt he wouldn’t fight again

Indeed, his own coach and manager told him he didn’t need to fight on.

However, that was never going to be the case! Once the Mahon light middle recovered from a freak injury he was always coming back, his love of fighting made that a certainty.

“I’m a bit like Patrice Evra, I’m like ‘I love this game’. I just love boxing,” O’Sullivan told Irish-boxing.com.

“Paschal said to me ‘you don’t need to do it anymore’ but I love it. I love every aspect of the gym, training, fight night and I’m not looking forward to retirement at all.”

The more Ireland’s oldest pro boxer talks about the game the more it becomes apparent the 39-year-old has missed being around the sport and trading leather in particular.

“We were at a film recently, Swing Bout. I was sitting beside Paschal at the premier, watching one of the actors getting their hands wrapped,” he continues.

“I turned to him and said ‘I cant’ wait for Mayo. I can’t wait to be in that position again, when you’re getting the hands wrapped, the adrenaline gets going, it’s nearly time. I love that.

“I just can’t wait to get back in there, throw a few digs, get a few digs exchange a few punches. I can’t wait.”


Integral part of the Irish boxing community for over 13 years