Hyland shot a no-go

5 January 2011 – Jonny Stapleton

Paulie Hyland will have to bide his time before getting a second shot at the European super-bantamweight title.

It was hoped that the Tallaght stylist, who failed in his bid to claim the continental crown when he lost to Willie Casey in Limerick last November, would get another title tilt after Big Bang vacated the prestigious blue strap in a bid to become world champion.

But any hopes of a mouth-watering Kiko Martinez v Hyland Spring showdown were dashed by the European Boxing Union yesterday.

The EBU revealed their rules prevent the youngest of three Irish champion boxing brothers immediately challenging for the belt once owned by Bernard Dunne.

As mandatory challenger, Brian Peters promoted Spaniard Martinez, who recently hit out at Casey for vacating and stated he would like to fight Hyland, will get to challenge for the belt for a third time, but the popular Irish fighter will not be his opponent.

To be honest we did not receive any communication regarding Willie Casey vacating the title and withdrawing from a bout with Kiko Martinez. But if that is the case, we cannot appoint Paul Hyland as a challenger for the EBU title as of yet. Since Paul lost against Willie Casey in the last execution of this title on 6th November he is ineligible to challenge. In compliance with our rules, he cannot fight immediately after a loss for the same title.

Hyland, who believes his clash with Casey was brought to a premature end, will not be deterred however and begins step one on a road he believes will lead to European domination with a bout in City West on January 30.

The former Golden Cobra amateur, who has also called for a Casey rematch, has yet to be appointed an opponent but he has been training hard over the Christmas.

Meanwhile clan Hyland may not have to wait to long before adding the European title to the most decorated mantlepiece in Irish boxing, asfeatherweight champion Sofiane Takoucht revealed he is open to fighting either Patrick Hyland or Belfasts Martin Lindsay next year.

I would have no problem fighting either Irish boxer. I have seen both fighters and I didnt see anything to be scared of.

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