How will cannabis CBD and CBD oil from cannabis seeds save us from insomnia?

CBD (cannabidiol): this molecule present in cannabis leaves does not cause any narcotic effects, so it is completely legal, but above all, CBD seems full of benefits. 

Cannabis, CBD and sleep

Many products containing CBD are on the market today – indeed, you can try the best cannabis seeds on SensorySeeds

CBD oils, chocolate, coffee, chewing gums, seeds and even a whole series of cosmetics… It turns out that the use of some of them would help fight against stress and anxiety and would therefore promote a night of more restful sleep. 

We spend a third of our life sleeping!

Do you know that, in half a century, the time devoted to sleep each night has been reduced by an hour and a half?

Annual surveys confirm this downward trend: insufficient sleep is well established among the population. One in four people says they sleep less than six hours a night, during working days, and the need to compensate translates, at the end of the week, into an hour and a half, or even two hours more sleep.

According to some data, people suffering from anxiety or depression are 7 to 10 times more likely to suffer from chronic insomnia than others.

The High Authority for Health declares that:

· Only 10 to 20% of sleep disorders in the general population are true insomnia.

· A third of people aged over 65, i.e. nearly 3.5 million people, and nearly 40% of those over 85 regularly consume sleeping pills (benzodiazepines and related drugs).

· More than half of these treatments would not be appropriate, true insomnia being rare in the elderly.

· The average duration of exposure observed to sleeping pills is 7 months, but the maximum recommended prescription duration for a sleeping pill is 30 days.

CBD, the new eldorado for insomniacs?

Since 2018, it has been found in France and abroad in all forms: e-liquid, herbal tea, chewing gum, spray, oil, chocolate bar, lollipop, sparkling drink… It would solve almost all ailments – anxiety, migraines, painful periods – and especially sleep disorders. 

Sleep better with cannabis seeds oil

Sleeping well is essential for our physical and mental health. According to doctors, the ideal duration of sleep is between 6 and 8 hours per night. However, 1 in 3 people report suffering from sleep disorders. 

Among the effective solutions? CBD oil. Soothing and relaxing, it effectively promotes sleep. Focus on this miracle product.

Stress, anxiety, daily use of screens… So many causes that can lead to sleep disorders. However, it is of paramount importance for our health. It is indeed necessary for physical and mental recovery and also allows you to benefit from a good quality of life. To improve there are several solutions: take care of your bedroom environment, balance your diet or even practice physical activity. 

Have you tried them all and none of them work? Try CBD oil! 

This less restrictive solution than taking sleeping pills is an effective natural alternative to help you fall asleep and promote the quality of sleep.

The virtues of cannabis seed oil on sleep

CBD has soothing, relaxing and anti-inflammatory properties, which help you fall asleep faster. A real stress reducer, it relaxes the muscles and relieves the joints. More relaxed, you will then find sleep more easily and quickly.

A restful sleep:

Sleep better, longer and without cuts: these are the promises of CBD for sleep. This molecule regulates the phases of paradoxical sleep to benefit from more restorative sleep. No more insomnia and sleep apnea! From the first take, CBD puts you in a deep and more relaxing sleep.

Oil, flower, infusion, vaporizer… There are many modes of administration. The advantage of CBD oil? It releases cannabinoids more slowly. The effects, therefore, arrive later but remain longer.

Legislation on the issue of therapeutic cannabis

In the UK, only hemp fibres and seeds can be used, while European regulations allow the whole plant to be used. It must also contain less than 0.2% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the main psychoactive substance in cannabis.

Besides, you should know that cannabis seeds are legal in Ireland, Europe and the UK and that you can order the best marijuana seeds online!

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