Heiland: Keep your pity for Matthew Macklin

pic by Photo’s by Ricardo

JORGE Sebastian Heiland says Irish fight fans should pity Macklin because his Argentine is about to ruin his career.

Heiland says he comes to Dublin prepared and ready to cause an upset. The fighter, who has shared the ring with Sebastian Zbik and is the reigning WBC international middleweight title holder, warns he shouldn’t be viewed as an outsider.

The 27 year old, who looked unfazed at Wednesday’s final press conference, claims he enters the ring on an even playing field and is confident he can claim victory in the World title eliminator.

“I have prepared for the Matthew fight for a long time. It is going to be a very interesting fight. Please don’t feel sorry for me ahead of this fight feel sorry for Matthew because he has to get in the ring with me.

“I am well prepared and I know what I am getting into. This is certainly not the 20-1 shot that some of the betting shops are quoting. This is a even money shot and may the best man win.”

“I have seen all of Matthew’s fights and I know what to expect from him. I have talked to Sergio Martinez just to ask him what Macklin is like, we spoke just once. Any things I want to exploit will stay between my team and I.”

Heiland will take on Macklin infront of Dublin fight support starved of big fight action since the Bernard Dunne era, but remains unfazed by the potential hostile atmosphere .

The 27 year old claims he has proved a road warrior before and will do so again.

“I have always been the visitor and the away fighter so Saturday won’t be any different for me. I know this is Matthew’s home but when the first bell goes there are only two of us in the ring.”


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