All-Irish All-MGM heavyweight fight now more likely claim Big Con and Big Sexy

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They did it often enough in the amateurs, and Sean Turner and Con Sheehan have promised that they will have no problem fighting each other in the pros.

Both heavyweight prospects believe the fight is a formality and have admitted they are on a collision course, although always qualified that by saying that collision is further down the road.

However, the fact both are now signed with MGM has prompted some to suggest the friendly foes and new stable mates may never meet.

That isn’t case at all according to both undefeated former Senior Champions, indeed the fight is now more likely than ever and easier to make according to the pair.

“It’s a good move for Con and a good move for me. It makes that fight easier to make. It is more likely to happen down the line now,” Dublin’s ‘Big Sexy’ told

“He is over training with Peter Fury and I am based between home and Marbella so we are not around each other 24/7.”

“I am sure there are times we might spar or bump into him, but when it’s time to fight we will get it on.”

“You know I will fight anyone in Ireland. This is business and I want to win the Irish title. Hopefully this time next year I will be Irish champion and if I have to beat Con to get that belt so be it.”

The Peter Fury-trained Tipperary ‘Bomb’ echoed the sentiment,

“The fight is easier to make either way. Sean and I would have no problem taking it for our next fight – but we will have to wait and see how MGM want to guide us both.”

Photo Credit: Ricardo Guglielminotti – The Fighting Irish (@ThefIrish)


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