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Frustrated McVarnock itching to get back into the ring

After registering a second Boxnation broadcast victory earlier this year Ciaran McVarnock was a name that started to be formed a host of fight fan lips, but one that has been spoken too often since May.

Just when the 22 year old super featherweight was starting to attract some attention he hit a bump in the road and the momentum that was building in his debut year all but ground to a halt.

The Belfast fighter had to move home from England, leaving his Anthony Farnell training base and then suffered ankle injury and both conspired to ensure his May win over the brilliantly named Harvey Hemsley would be his sole fight this year.

However, the prospect, who Frank Warren keeps a close eye on, claims  he has over come all the set backs and is ready move forward with his career.

“Things have been frustrating for me over the last few months. I made a good start to my pro career, but I had to move back home to Belfast as I had nowhere to stay in England. It was really hard to find a place so my trainer Anthony Farnell decided to sort something out for me. So I am moving back over soon,” McVarnock told Irish-boxing.com.

“I also broken my ankle playing football which gave me a scare but everything is healing up faster than expected. Again it has been very frustrating, all I want to do is fight, every day I just want to be in the gym and train, but now that my set backs are over I can get my head down now and move forward. I am not going to let anything get in my way again,” he added.

“I just can’t wait to get back into the ring again and fight, (Paul) Butler is due another World title fight around February so fingers crossed I get onto that bill , meanwhile I’ll just keep grinding away and take whatever Frank Warren gives me when it comes,”

McVarnock returns to England to train soon and despite the fact Belfast is boxing central at the minute believes he is best served across the water as he prepares to upgrade from novice to contender.

“I am still a novice in my professional career, I’m still learning the transition from amateur to pro. I have come on leaps and that’s all down to my trainer and sparring the likes of World champion Paul Butler every other day. I’m learning quickly and the faster I learn the faster I’ll get up those rankings,” McVarnock continued.

“I think being over in England does give me a slight advantage, I’m getting the best of sparring and the best of training. Who in Belfast is better to spar day in day out than world champion Paul Butler. I pick up so many things off him, my trainer Arnie has brought Paul to that level and bringing him towards his second world title fight, and I believe having Arnie as a trainer can bring me on the same track. Arnie has trained some great fighters and brought them through to title fights, the stable and the quality of fighters he has in his stable is fantastic.”


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