Fagan: I am mad for a row- Yates will regret agreeing to fight me

PUMPED up Oisin Fagan claims he will leave prospect Kofai Yates deflated come November 15.
The 40 year old veteran is all but craving a toe to toe war and the will over skill advocate is excited about the prospect of derailing the MGM prospects progress.
Indeed the man, who gave Julio Cesar Chavez Jr ‘the fight of his life’ claims the Seamus Macklin trained lightweight will regret ever agreeing to fight a puncher with a career that is more colorful than a Pride march.
“I’ve seen a couple of his fights- he’s been highly-touted and has been well-promoted throughout his career. To be fair, he’s dealt with all-comers put in front of him, nonetheless. That said, he’s never been in with someone as tough as me and I intend to make him regret the day he agreed to fight me.
‘Gael Force’ was never touted as the most talented of operators, indeed he would himself argue that he was more fight than flair. However, while he doesn’t bring much in the way of a slick approach to the ring he leaves nothing in it terms of work rate or effort.
The Dubliner believes that having reviewed his birth cert team MGM and Matchroom are of the opinion he can’t still bring that industry of effort to the squared circle anymore and as a result shouldn’t cause a 22 year old prospect trouble.
But Fagan warns such an assumption is a mistake.
“I think they’ll be looking at my age and imagine that I can’t have anything left; however, even though I’m twice his age, I have trained every day for the past 22-years. Even when I broke my leg against Amir Khan, a few years ago; straight after the operation, I got out of the hospital bed and ran, or “crutched” 5-miles, at speed, and continued this same routine every day, until the cast came off, months later, allowing me to return to proper training, at the boxing gym,” Fagan added.
“In my long career, I’ve now won 75% of nearly 40-fights, fights, I’ve given some of the best fighters in the world a lot of  trouble, only losing to some world champions by split decision. And even Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. said that I gave him the toughest fight of his career, so that’s going “in the book!”, I guess, for someone who didn’t start fighting seriously, until I was 30, I’ve had a relatively successful career and I’d love to beat Yates for a nice signature win, coming to the end of my career.”
That train everyday habit the former semi pro footballer boast means late notice won’t be an issue either. Fagan, who stresses he will be the away fighter in his home town, said he is always fit and ready to accept a fight and has become accustomed to late calls.
“Yeah, it’s 12-days notice, but hey, what’s new? In my 11-years as a pro, I’ve dealt with all kinds of strange characters, so nothing really surprises me anymore. In fact it’s pretty standard to give such short notice to an ‘opponent’, of a ‘promoted’ and/or ‘protected’ fighter by his handler; however, it just galvanises the adage, that suggests ‘boxing, while it’s a great sport; it remains a horrible business.
“Though, at this stage of my career, I am totally used to it. To be honest, even though all the odds will be stacked against me on the night, with Yates being in the MGM Marbella camp, who are helping promote the show, I’m confident that he’s never been in the ring with anyone as ‘mad for a row’, as I am.”


Integral part of the Irish boxing community for over 13 years