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Frampton-Quigg predictions: Irish boxers have their say

It’s fight week! Carl Frampton-Scott Quigg is just days away and in anticipation of one of the biggest fights in Irish boxing history we have asked the Irish boxing family for their predictions for the clash.

Paddy Barnes – 2008 and 2012 Olympic light flyweight bronze medalist
Frampton wins by stoppage between rounds 6 and 8 after giving Quigg a boxing lesson.

Frank Buglioni – World title challenger based out of Celtic Warriors Gym
I am leaning towards Frampton, just because his victories have been more consistent. I rate both and both are obviously World class, but I think Frampton’s extra movement and ring craft will give him the edge and he’ll take a points victory.

Dean Byrne – Former Wildcard fighter and Irish title challenger
Frampton will KO him in the 5th round.

Jono Carroll – Prizefighter Lightweights winner
Frampton to win on points, I don’t think he will KO Quigg.

Jamie Conlan – World title-chasing super flyweight
I think Frampton will win by a wide points decision after a few scares in the middle rounds.

Mick Conlan – 2015 bantamweight World champion
Frampton via a close points decision or Quigg by a mid-rounds KO. I can’t split them!

Gary Corcoran – Light middleweight contender
I reckon Frampton will stop him between the 8th and 10th round.

Anto Connolly – Ireland’s only ever minimumweight boxer
Frampton for me. All round he’s just got way to much in his locker. Either a late stoppage or a clinic on points, either way there’s only one winner.

Connor Coyle – 2014 Commonwealth Games middleweight bronze medalist
I like both boxers, both are nice fellas and I have had the pleasure on chatting with the two lads. On the boxing side of things, I think it will be a very entertaining fight and I’m sure most of the world will be tuned in. I think Frampton may have a little too much power and speed for Quigg. So Frampton is my prediction, on points.

TJ Doheny – World-rated super bantamweight who holds a victory over Frampton
It’s no easy nights work, but I reckon Carl will win. Without being biased I truly believe he is the superior fighter of the two. I will be keeping a very close eye on this one!

Steven Donnelly – 2016 Olympic welterweight
My prediction is Frampton on points. He wil come through a couple of hard rounds but will hurt Quigg late on and win on points. It will be a good fight but I’ll miss it as I’m fighting in Venezuela on the same night!

Eric Donovan – 2010 European bronze medalist
Quigg is a top class fighter with a great defence and a superb trojan-like work ethic. However, I’ve watched Frampton’s development coming through the amateurs and I’ve had the pleasure of sparring him a few times. My opinion is that Carl is the more talented boxer here. He’s a better boxer, counter-puncher, and mover, and I think it’s these attributes that will give him a points win or late stoppage.

Ryan Doyle – Manchester-born featherweight of Irish heritage
If I am totally honest I think the whole world is torn down the middle with this fight! A massive amount of people are siding with Quigg now after he knocked out Kiko Martinez but personally I think Frampton has got the beating of him. Frampton has got tremendous footwork and he is a much better boxer than Quigg, he’s got that amateur pedigree. I think he will win on points or late stoppage

Mark Dunlop – Belfast promoter
My prediction is that Frampton will take control from the outset and slowly break Quigg down, forcing a stoppage in round 9.

Kenny Egan – 2008 Olympic light heavyweight silver medalist
Frampton on points.

Kieran Farrell – Britain’s youngest promoter
Quigg-Frampton is a genuine 50-50 fight. I always thought it was more 70-30 in Frampton’s favour due to his amateur pedigree, but after Frampton’s last fight with his vulnerability’s being exploited it is 50-50 now! I think whoever dominates the first 4 rounds will come out the winner!

Joe Fitzpatrick – Lightweight prospect
Quigg by knockout or Frampton on points.

Paddy Fitzpatrick – Trainer of Eamonn O’Kane, Luke Watkins, and Garvey Kelly
I think Carl has a great understanding of distance at long range and is very patient inside, but I do think Scott has progressed to more than just a straight ahead pressure fighter. If Scott decides to set a screw you pace, then he might just make Carl work at a higher pace than he wants to. It’s not too dissimilar a fight to Tszyu v Hatton. I’m not saying it’s the exact same but Tszyu was the more complete fighter and Hatton just made him work at a greater pace than he wanted to. Sometimes a fighter is just too good for his opponent but I think game plan is paramount in this fight as one mans pluses can negate the other’s depending on when he chooses to use them.

James Fryers – Stylish super featherweight
I think it’s going to be a very tight fight until maybe the 8th or 9th round then I fancy Frampton to use his boxing to out-score Quigg. I think Frampton will win by by 2 points.

Peter Fury – Uncle and trainer of heavyweight champion Tyson Fury
It’s too much of a 50-50. I can’t pick a winner.

Frankie Gavin – Former Irish champion and welterweight World title challenger
I think it’s a very good fight, a true 50-50, but if I’m pushed I’d go with Frampton.

Declan Geraghty – Super featherweight prospect
I’m going with Frampton. l was lucky enough to train with him when we won the elites together and I think he wins all day long – but I’m not sure if it’s by TKO or points. lm going with a safe bet and putting a few euro on him to win by points. l see Carl boxing for the first six rounds, moving around picking off Quigg and then he will start to hold his feet a bit more and land the big shots in the second half of the fight. I don’t think Quigg is at his level and if they were to box ten times Carl would win every time. However, I do think Rigondeaux is the #1 at the weight and is a level above both of the lads. I wish Carl all the best and l’m sure he will pick up the win – and all the best to Cummings, Burnett, and McCullough too!

Mark Ginley – Belfast boxer-turned-manager
Frampton to stop Quigg late. Cagey first few rounds with Frampton taking them with his better boxing, then Quigg will try to force it and start making mistakes and get taken out.

John Hutchinson – Light middleweight warrior
I predict Frampton by late KO. He stops Quigg between rounds 10 and 12. It’ll be a cagey start but when they start to get stuck into each other I just think Frampton comes on too strong

Patrick Hyland – Word title-challenging featherweight
I think it going to be a great fight. It’s been built up for years, so neither guy will want to lose. I’m picking Frampton, I think his power will be the defining factor in the fight. Quigg is a lovely boxer and a big super bantamweight so I think he’ll try to put it on Carl hard in first few rounds, but I think Carl will catch him with hard shot in later rounds! So for me it’s Frampton win!

Paul Hyland – Former European Union champion
I’m going with Frampton inside the distance. He has too much boxing brain and he will outclass Quigg.

Paul Hyland Jr – British title-chasing lightweight
Both are tough and I think it will go the distance, but I think Frampton will outbox him and win on points.

Brendan Irvine – Elite flyweight champion and Olympic hopeful
I personally think Frampton on points. He could possibly KO Quigg as he opens up too wide, but I think Frampton on points

Jamie Kavanagh – Lightweight contender
I reckon Frampton by late stoppage. I think he bosses the fight with his aggressive style.

Luke Keeler – Middleweight prospect
I’m picking Frampton to win a points decision. He wins the first 6 or 7 rounds clearly, but then Quigg takes the last couple

Jimmy Kelly – Light middleweight World title challenger
I’m hearing that Quigg is looking great in training and he looked.great in last fight.

Niall Kennedy – Heavyweight prospect
I hope and pray Carl does it, but I think it will be very close so I’ll go Carl close points or a draw.

Andy Lee – Former WBO middleweight World champion
It’s a close fight and hard to call, but I edge Frampton. If he boxes like he did vs Kiko in their second fight he’ll win.

Ryan Lindberg – Former amateur star, holds wins over both Frampton & Quigg
“I think Frampton’s going to win easy. Here’s the difference between the two fighters – Frampton went over and fought in America. He got knocked down twice in the first round, he changed his thinking and his style to win the fight – I don’t think Quigg could do that. Quigg just goes out and does the same thing over and over again. I don’t think he’ll stop him. Quigg got the head punched off him by Salinas and he didn’t go down, so I think he’s got a good chin. People talk about Quigg stopping Martinez – but that’s after Frampton beat him twice. Martinez is older now, he’s been around a long time, and he’s probably done out.

Matthew Macklin – Three-time World middleweight title challenger
I think Frampton wins on points in a tight one. I just think he has the better all-round skills, technical ability, and pedigree. Quigg will be dangerous though, he is big for the weight, hits very hard, and is a lot cuter than people give him credit for. He knows how to win, but I still think Frampton on points.

David Maguire – Cruiserweight prospect
I feel that Frampton schools Quigg and stops him late on when Quigg gets when frustrated and careless. Frampton’s hand gets raised after round 9.

Moses Matovu – Popular Ugandan-Irish journeyman
Frampton by decision. I think he has the edge but it won’t be a walkover – that’s why I don’t see a stoppage. I feel Quigg wont give it up easy.

Terry Maughan – Irish light middleweight challenger
I think it’s too close to call, but I’d have to go with Frampton to win on points. It’ll be a cracker for sure!

Tommy McCarthy – British-title chasing cruiserweight
Frampton wins with a middle rounds TKO. I think he’s better than Quigg in all departments.

Sean McComb – 2015 European Games bronze medalist
I fancy a Frampton points win. I think he will just go on the back foot and outbox Quigg. Frampton’s jab will be key for this fight!

Feargal McCrory – Lightweight prospect
I think Frampton by a late stoppage or on points – and that it’ll be an amazing fight!

Tyrone McCullagh – Super bantamweight prospect
A very close fight, but I think Frampton edges it on points.

Peter McDonagh – Irish welterweight champion
Frampton to outbox him by keeping hiss feet moving, going in-and-out, doing what he did with Martinez in their second fight and winning on points.

Stevie McKenna – Elite light flyweight champion
I reckon Scott Quigg will beat him. It will be the weight that will kill Frampton. Quigg on points.

Tyrone McKenna – Welterweight slickster
I think Frampton will win in the latter rounds with a KO. He has too much boxing skill for Quigg. It should still be a great fight though.

Daniel McShane – Super featherweight and former sparring partner of Frampton
My prediction for the Frampton-Quigg fight is that it will be tit-for-tat for the first few rounds then Quigg will try and outbox Frampton but Carl will land a few heavy shots and stop Quigg in his tracks. Frampton will then go on to either stop Quigg in the late rounds or win by a very wide points discision. Frampton is just too good for Quigg.

Ciaran McVarnock – Super featherweight prospect
I fancy Frampton on points. Frampton is a better boxer and also a better fighter. The only way I can see Quigg winning is if he catches Frampton with a big shot because he can punch. But I see Frampton bringing his A-game and winning the fight easily on points and making every Irish fan that travelled very happy .

JJ Metcalf – Light middleweight prospect
I am going for Frampton on points, I just think he’s going to be too clever for Quigg.

John Joe Nevin – 2012 Olympic bantamweight silver medalist
Frampton by late stoppage. 10th round.

Adam Nolan – 2012 Olympic welterweight
I think it’s going to be a really entertaining fight. I believe Frampton is more capable of adapting his style given the type of fight so I’m going for a Frampton win on points.

Craig O’Brien – Light middleweight prospect and budding pundit
For me Carl wins on the night with a good boxing display and performance. I think Frampton is the better all-round boxer seven days a week. I think Quigg’s only tactic is to try get up close to Carl and get in his face to unload heavy shots. The Cuban fighter Salinas I feel should have beat Quigg but he got lucky with the draw. After 6 or 7 rounds I think Carl will start to run away with it. Quigg won’t be able to handle Carl’s movement and combinations for 12 rounds and I think Carl could stop him in the second half off the fight. It’s also Quigg’s first real time on big big show so we will have to see how he handles that. Frampton by KO.

Darren O’Neill – Elite heavyweight champion and Olympic hopeful
I predict my old pal Carl to win it. Quigg is awkward but I think Carl has more skills.

Spike O’Sullivan – Middleweight contender
I think it’s gonna be a great fight, I’m really looking forward to it. I think it could go either way, it’s a 50/50 fight in my opinion, but if i was to put money on I’d be putting it on Frampton.

Bernard Roe – Light middleweight prospect
I reckon it’ll be a close fight, but I’m going for Frampton by unanimous decision. I think he will be too much in the later rounds. It’s a great fight for the fans and hopefully the winner takes a crack at Rigondeaux!

Con Sheehan – Heavyweight prospect
Frampton to win a close points decision.

Phil Sutcliffe Jr – Light welterweight contender
Frampton will be too strong for Quigg. As long as he keeps his hands up and keep boxing he’ll win. It will be cagey but there are no excuses.

Gary Sweeney – Cruiserweight prospect
I think it will be a hard-fought points for Frampton.

Michael Sweeney – Popular cruiserweight
Both boxers won’t have to go looking for each other. I’m not seeing a one sided fight because they are two top athletes and class fighters. Quigg has great footwork, boxing skills and carries power as we saw against Kiko – but what Kiko had left no-one really knows. Quigg trains, eats, and sleeps in the gym, I’ve seen him train in Bolton and I know he’ll leave it all in the ring. Frampton has proved his power and I think he has more of a punch then Quigg, and having Shane in has corner is working wonders. I’m going with my head and I think Carl Frampton having the title will give the extra push to keep it and he will win after a close fight.

Katie Taylor – Ireland’s most decorated boxer ever
I’m predicting Carl on points, I think he’s better than Scott Quigg in every department.

Ian Tims – Former Irish and current Celtic Warrior cruiserweight champion
Well I think it’s going to be a great fight. Quigg I find is one dimensional, he’s strong and can take a shot, and has a great coach in Joe Gallagher who’ll have him on point for this. But I like Carl’s mentality, he can fight and box and showed in his last fight loads of heart to get off the floor and win. I think Carl by wide points or stoppage

James Tennyson – Celtic featherweight champion and British title challenger
Carl Frampton to win by knockout.

Sean ‘Big Sexy’ Turner – Heavyweight prospect
I favour Frampton but it’s going to be a cracker of a fight, that’s all I know. I don’t really follow the lower weights but I hope Frampton wins of course!

Dee Walsh – Former Irish light middleweight champion
I’m finding it hard to split them! Some days I break it down and think Quigg will win easy, but at the minute I’m on the fence edging towards Frampton.

Michaela Walsh – Elite flyweight champion and Olympic hopeful
Late stoppage win for Frampton

Luke Watkins – Irish title-chasing cruiserweight
I have to give it to Frampton. I believe he has more in his arsenal than Quigg. I think once Quigg shows his hand that’s all Frampton has to deal with. He will either deal with it accordingly or buckle – but I believe he will deal with it.

Ger ‘Crank’ Whitehouse – Welterweight prospect
I think it’s going to be a tough fight for both guys, but I think Carl’s boxing will be the difference, He will be just a bit too good for Quigg who only fights pretty much one way – coming forward all the time – which will suit Carl. I think frampton wins on points.

Matt Wilton – Belfast welterweight and brother of Luke who boxes on undercard
I’m going for a Frampton stoppage win between rounds 10 and 12 or on points. I think we will see a completely different Frampton to the one we saw in America.

Anto Upton – Light welterweight and former gym-mate of Frampton
Frampton mid-rounds stoppage or a shut-out points victory.

Pauly Upton – Light middleweight and former gym-mate of Frampton
I think Frampton will win by KO. Both are top lads, but I have sparred Frampton and he can hit like a horse and has unreal skill.

Kofi Yates – BBBoC Central Area light welterweight champion
I think Frampton will stop him between rounds 6 and 9.

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