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Followers organise heartwarming surprise for Padraig McCrory

Imagine what the celebrations will be like if he wins!

In a true reflection of the popularity of Padraig McCrory, his followers have organised a pre-fight surprise for him.

‘The Hammer’ has secured the biggest fight of his career and will share the ring with Edgar Berlanga on a Matchroom card in Orlando on February 24.

A win over the Matchroom-promoted New Yorker will open up massive doors for the Belfast man with Eddie Hearn going as far as to suggest it could put him on a Canelo pathway.

History shows a win would also spark wild celebrations among the McCrory faithful, although they are not waiting for the result to celebrate their man. They will get the party started early next month.

Just over 20 days before the fight a party will be held at Cardinal O’Donnell’s GAA club, so McCrory followers can show their support and the Dee Walsh trained super middleweight can travel Stateside fully aware of the backing he has.

“We want to give Pody the send off he thoroughly deserves [We want to] wish him well and let him know that we are all right behind him. We want to thank him for making us part of his amazing journey. No matter where in the world you’re watching his fight, he will know he has all our love and support. He will leave the green fields of Ireland feeling that he has the whole island behind him,” an event organiser said.

It’s a unique occurrence from a unique set of fans who McCrory has a unique bond with.

Photo credit Mark Mead


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