Euro Vision – Eric Donovan Dreamt TV Title Fight into Existence

If dreams only come true for those with the courage to pursue them Eric Donovan [15(8)-2(2)] has been as brave as any Irish fighter.

The Kildare fighter missed the chance to fight for the EU title for a second time last summer and for all intents and purposes, it looked as if the late-to-the-pro-game fighter’s chances of continental glory were well and truly gone.

A second career defeat suffered at the gloves of two-time Olympic gold medal winner Robeisy Ramirez on his second big away day compounded the sense, that the serious spotlight had shone on the talented southpaw for the last time.

At 37, it was feared the late to the pro game fighter had missed the boat and his major title dreams were sailing into the sunset while he was stuck on the shore.

However, Donovan never gave up hope, kept rowing, and finally gets his reward later this month.

Lilywhite lightning challenges Khalil El Hadri [13(7)-1(0)] for the EU title LIVE on TG4 on Saturday night.

“I’ve come through a lot of adversity and never gave up on the dream that I would finally fight for the European title, never gave up on the dream that I’d fight live on TV,” he tells

Donovan didn’t just dream he foresaw. Just over a year ago when he was in no real position to make bold claims he said he’d fight for a continental strap on TV.

“About a year ago I put out a post saying ‘I’m going to fight for the European title and it’s going to be live on Irish TV’ and I didn’t even speak to anyone about it,” he adds.

“It was an intuition that I had, a premonition, a feeling, a prophecy even. I am a man of great faith and I operate from a principle of trying to do the right thing I just work hard and hope the chance comes and now it’s going to happen.”

The respected boxing pundit mades an interesting TV appearance before he boxes on the box. Donovan took part in Ultimate Hell week.

Speaking on the experience he said: “It’s one of the toughest experiences of my life. I learnt a lot about myself, you get tested in ways you can only imagine. You learn stuff about yourself you’d never know unless you go to those depts. Overall it was a wonderful experience.”


Integral part of the Irish boxing community for over 13 years