Chris Eubank Sr wants Steve Collins v Nigel Benn winner

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Chris Eubank Sr claims he wants in on the 90s fight revival.

The former World Champion says he is ready to come out of retirement to fight the winner of the proposed Steve Collins v Nigel Benn clash.

Benn had become frustrated with trying to secure a third Eubank clash noting, like many others, the difficulty in negotiating with the Brighton boxer.

With talks, which had been on and off for around five years, seemingly going nowhere, Benn announced that he had instead agreed to fight Collins, 21 years after the Dub retired him.

No date or venue, or indeed any promotional details whatsoever, have been revealed for the proposed Collins-Benn clash, however have been informed that talks are at an advanced stage. While there remains a huge number of detractors, the bout between the two fighters, who like Eubank have sons pro boxing at present, will seemingly take place – although perhaps later than the initially proposed timeframe of October or November.

Eubank certainly isn’t a critic of the clash, indeed he seems to want in on the act and has suggested that he actually will be open to facing the winner

Speaking to talkSPORT about the fight, he argued that “nothing is crazy in boxing.”

“Because it’s all about entertainment, if it puts boxing on the global map then it’s a good thing. Personally I don’t know if the public want to see that particular fight, if they do, then good.”

“They can actually battle it out, and I’ll clean up the rest afterwards.”

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