Eggington promises to batter disgraceful Gavin after weight fiasco

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Sam Eggington is furious that Frankie Gavin did not make weight ahead of their Birmingham grudge match tonight on Sky Sports.

Due to missing previous checkweights, the British Boxing Board of Control ordered Gavin to come in at least 2.5lbs over the 147lbs welterweight limit for safety reasons. The former Irish champion would eventually strip down and come in at 149.7lbs. As he did not make the weight, the rankings-enhancing WBC International bauble will not be on the line for the 31 year old.

Gavin argued that he would have easily boiled down to make the weight, as he had done many times before, but Eggington took aim at his professionalism.

Speaking on Sky Sports afterwards, he described Gavin as being “disgraceful.”

“He’s meant to be a professional and everyone keeps talking about his amateur background and this pedigree or that pedigree but he can’t even make a weight – even for a big title fight in his home town.”

“If I wanted to, I could have called this fight off happily and still got a pay cheque. It’s disgraceful, that’s all I can really say.”

Eggington, who weighed in at 146.3lbs promised to use the ordeal as fuel for a punishing, and painful, victory over Funtime Frankie. The Savage claimed that “I am going to batter him for that [not making weight].”

“So not only when I beat him up to win the title, I am also going to make it even worse for him just because he didn’t make the weight.”

Joe O'Neill

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