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Dave Ryan calls out Everyone and Nobody at the same time

The only reason Dave Ryan [3-0] isn’t calling out the welterweights of Ireland is because he doesn’t know what names to drop.

The kickboxing convert is oblivious as to who populates his weight class domestically but is more than happy to step into the unknown and fight fellow 140lb operators.

The Shannon fighter says he is willing to throw down with any Irish fighter around his weight and claims he has been asking manager Ian Gaughran for a domestic dalliance from the moment he officially turned over.

“I’ve been asking Ian since I signed my license for domestics,” a keen Ryan told Irish-boxing.com.

“I’m seeing all these domestic happening and I’m like ‘throw me in there’. I’d happily fight any of the Irish lads,” he adds before explaining there is logic behind his willingness.

“That’s how you get better and make a few bob. It makes sense. I’ll fight whoever is in my weight class. I don’t know whose at my weight but I’ll happily fight them.”

The Irish Boxing Awards Debut of the Year winner takes that attitude into all his fights. Speaking after he beat the durable Bermain Sanchez in Galway on Friday night, Ryan revealed he had knocked back some easier fights in search of a test.

“I want to fight people that will push me. I’m not going to learn from going in and just smashing lads. If someone comes and challenges you, you are going to get better. I want to be tested.”

It’s a risky strategy for someone who is transitioning codes but an approach that has served his IGB and Treaty Boxing stablemate Jamie Morrissey well.

The 28-year-old ‘Machine’ also points out defeat holds no fear over him, it’s something he has overcome in a previous combat life and something he is confident he can overcome again.

“I’m not protecting an 0. I’ve lost in professional kickboxing before, so I’m not undefeated. I’m never going to be undefeated. I’ve lost in combat sports before, so I’ve lost the 0 long ago. You have some lads who don’t want to fight being cautious protecting the unbeaten record. I don’t mind losing it, it can break you or push you and I know from experience it pushes me.”


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