Collins: Ormond has all the pedigree Flanagan can’t beat him

By Jonny Stapleton

TERRY Flanagan walks to the ring with the favourite tag pined to his shorts, more wins under the British belt he will most likely have hanging over his shoulder than his opponent Stephen Ormond, not to mention height and reach advantage, as well an awkward southpaw stance.

But the one thing the 26-0 Manchester puncher hasn’t got is the kind of pedigree WBO European Champion Stephen Ormond brings to the ring, claims coach Pascal Collins.

Collins seems genuinely surprised his charge isn’t the favourite in a bout most believe is a 50-50 battle.

He claims Ormond, whose father and grandfather were fighters of note, is a thoroughbred battler and warns Flanagan won’t be able to match him on Saturday night.

“We have heard some of the things Flanagan has said, but it is actions not words that count. He can got on the back front, try come forward, fight on the outside, the inside, box come to war he won’t be beating Ormond,” Collins told

“Flanagan is a good fighter and has good attributes, but if in my opinion he hasn’t the pedigree of Ormond.

“I can only give my spin on it and I mean no disrespect, but Ormond can beat him in every department. Ormond has fought for Ireland, had over 300 amateur fights, has fought and trained in America and has fought at a high level as both an amateur and pro. Flangan hasn’t had that and from what I have seen Ormond beats him.”

If Ormond wins, the fighter Bernard Dunne backed to fill his size eight boxing boots, will finally get a shot at a World title. Juan Diaz in Las Vegas for the WBO lightweight strap is the most likely destination for the Clondalkin man if he emerges victorious and Collins claims he won’t be content just to have secured a shot at a former unified champ.

“This is Stephen’s time. Things are finally coming together for him and he has the talent to make the most of these opportunities.

“A fight with Juan Diaz for the WBO title awaits and we believe we can go to America and beat Diaz. I don’t believe in fighting for World titles I believe in winning them,” he added before reflecting on Ormond’s state of mind at present and revealing ‘The Rock’s’ love of southpaws.

“Stephen Ormond is raring to go. He is mentally and physically in great shape and he is relishing the chance to win another big fight.

“He loves fighting southpaws, he loves sparring them, which might sound strange to some, but he does well against them. In fact he has stopped every southpaw he has fought. He isn’t apprehensive he just wants to get in there fight and win.”


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