Clondalkin Cowboy Ormond ready to take his chance versus El Charro

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Alejandro ‘El Charro’ Luna’s nickname may translate into ‘Cowboy,’ but it is Stephen Ormond who is drinking in the last chance saloon – and the Dubliner is ready to inflict as much damage as John Wayne in an old-school Western film.

‘The Rock’ is just days away from an IBF World title eliminator which will be broadcast live on ESPN and BT Sports this Friday night, and at 33 his clash with the much hyped Luna [20(15)-0] would seem to represent his final chance at securing a coveted shot at a World title.

The lightweight has been left frustrated with the lack of opportunities to come his way over his eight year fight career, and is ready to take some of the frustration out on the Mexican in Philadelphia this weekend.

“At this stage I just want to get in and fight I am starting to get angry. I will get excited after and look at what the win means then,” he told

“I watched about ten minutes of him about a month ago, but I didn’t take too much notice. It’s an eliminator for a World title so I would have fought Mike Tyson if they asked – I want a World title.”

“”I have served my dues now it’s my time. I don’t know what he has yet. I can’t tell from video footage. I will be safe and see what he has for two and then step it up.”

Ormond may not be too aware of Luna’s capabilities, but there are plenty willing to tell him he is up against one to watch on Friday.

Luna is said to be a big punching and highly entertaining fighter that people Stateside have high hopes for.

In typical Ormond fashion he is hoping his opponent is as good and dangerous as they say – as he wants to feel like he earned his shot at the IBF crown.

“I can’t honestly say he is the best fighter I have agreed to fight because I haven’t fought him. What others are saying about him it seems that way. His record is good, he is a puncher, prospect and next next this and that, I’ll tell you more after Friday!”

“He is not too well known, but those in the game say he is good. I hope he is as good as they say he is because I’ll be on form believe me and I want to fight these people. Whats the point in another keep busy fight. I want to fight the best, I want to win titles so I
can’t wait for this one,” he added before suggesting lightweights in more advantageous positions might not risk fighting the unbeaten fighter with 15 knock outs from 20 wins.

“He has beat a few a couple of World champs, but they were blown up featherweights. Still I wouldn’t say the likes of Crolla or Flanagan would fight him they don’t need to take the risks I have too. They are making money in the UK and fair play to them they are being clever. I don’t get the chance to pick my fights, but it is what it is I can’t change that I just want to get in and fight.”

The Celtic Warrior Gym fighter has become something of a road warrior over the years. The man tipped to fill a Bernard Dunne shaped hole in Dublin just under 10 years ago by Dunne himself has had all his big fights in the UK, but claims he feels more comfortable traveling to America as the away fighter.

Ormond takes comfort in the fact he fights on a PBC show and that Al Haymon’s values putting on a good fight rather than protecting prospects.

“I am the away fighter because he is a Haymon fighter and it’s a Haymon show, but I know Haymon just wants to put good fights on rather protect a fighter. I feel a lot more comfortable being an away fighter in America than I do the UK. I am delighted it’s on live TV so people can see me. This can be the one fight that changes everything for me we will see next week.”


Integral part of the Irish boxing community for over 13 years