Christina McMahon on course for third successive World title fight

Ireland’s leading pro boxing lady Christina McMahon looks set for a third and final World title tilt.

The 42 Monaghan puncher’s team are in talks re a possible March 5 clash with current WBC super flyweight champion Zulina Munoz.

The WBC confirmed online that the bout will go ahead and will play out in Mexico, but a contract has yet to be signed.

If the bout does materalise it the will McMahon’s third successive World title fight. The former Kick boxing World champ defeated Catherine Phiri in Zambia to become WBC Interim bantamweight title, before losing to Alicia Ashley in a Bantanweight title fight in New York.

The popular fighter is now on course for super flyweight title fight and if she claims victory could go out at the top.

“If this fight comes off next month, I can actually close the books on this chapter of my life,” she told the Irish times.

“It will be at my own weight, a fair weight and I’ll be fighting the number one ranked boxer in the world at that weight. I fought in Brooklyn at the end of last year and it wasn’t at a fair weight. I had to go up a few weights and I was up against a lot of stuff, politics stuff that I don’t want to go into. But if this comes off, I’ll be at my own weight. It’s all I want.”


Integral part of the Irish boxing community for over 13 years