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New Celtic Warrior Bernard Roe targeting Irish title after Dublin debut

‘We don’t lose in this family’ quipped Bernard Roe’s uncle and manager Joe as he explained how his uncle, Bernard’s great-uncle, Jamie Roe fought on the night the Stadium opened back in 1933.

Not only was it a statement of pride, but a vote of confidence for the nephew he manages.

The current fighting Roe had an impressive homecoming win, outpointing Marcin Cybulski in eye-catching fashion. The former Docklands amateur indicated his Irish title ambitions in a rather humble fashion, before Joe Roe let us know the undefeated light middleweight would one day be World champion.

“He will be World champion. If you saw his first fight in Liverpool, he came out like a seasoned pro. You never seen anything like it for a debut. He got a standing ovation and won boxer of the night in his first fight. He just has to go and do what he does best and then people will be knocking on our door,” predicted Joe.

Roe himself wasn’t full of bold statements and, despite an impressive display, he was adamant he has more to learn. It seems the fighter, whose previous three fights played out in England, is going to do that learning in Corduff and he becomes the latest to join the growing Celtic Warrior Gym stable.

“I am going to work with Paschal now. The gym [Celtic Warriors] is second to none and all the fighters they have around the weight is great for sparring. We are all bouncing off each other and the gym is buzzing.”

“Before people had to leave Ireland to get good training it is here now,” said the light middleweight.

“Paschal is dragging more of the pro style out of me. I would be confident I was a nice boxer, but I am turning over the shots now and adding more to my game.”

Roe out pointed his Polish opponent and looked on the verge of a stoppage in round three. He admits he wanted to add a KO to his record, but on reflection was content with his night’s work regardless.

“I felt it was a good performance and it was good to be able to put it on in the Stadium. The last time I was in there was the 2013 Senior championships.”

“He shipped some punishment. I concentrated on getting him out of their from half way through the third on.”

“I probably tried too hard thinking back. I wanted the stoppage and once I felt his power and seen how he took mine I was confident I had the better of him,” he added before outlining his future plans.

“I hope to get on the next FS Promotion show and take it from there. I want to stay busy and I want to win an Irish title.”



Integral part of the Irish boxing community for over 13 years