Celebrate Like a Boxing Champion: Where and How?

No matter the outcome of a fight, one thing’s for sure – boxing champions party like legends! While some choose a less opulent way to celebrate victories, most of them will spend ridiculous amounts on booze, jewelry, extravagant vacations, and luxurious vehicles. After all, boxing is a gentleman’s sport and these guys deserve to lash out after six months of God-like training that leads to an epic fight.
Mayweather vs. McGregor: who parties harder?
The after parties that followed the battle of the year were just as epic as the fight itself. Both athletes threw lavish celebrations but it looks like Floyd won the title once more, this time for the highest bill. It’s no secret that he’s a regular at strip joints but this time he threw 2 million dollars at his own exotic club. Compared to Conor’s £77,643 booze bill, Mayweather is clearly the all-time party champion. The Irishman might have lost the epic fight, but with a £67 million paycheck, there’s no need to feel sorry for the guy. His celebration party was open to fans who were willing to pay £150 for a ticket and, in case you were wondering, the Las Vegas party venue was sold out. Great way to combine pleasure with business! No need to mention that you won’t get that amount playing a free online slot.

Boxers who enjoy less wild celebrations
It might come as a shock, but not every fighter celebrates with a bang. Athletes like Anthony Joshua are looking forward to chilling with their loved ones after they sleep ‘till midday. In fact, fans will rarely spot Joshua in a club. Due to his strict diet and intense workouts, the heavyweight champion would rather catch up with his mom instead of hitting the clubs.

Wladimir Klitschko is just as serious and disciplined as his boxing ring rival. When he turned 41, he decided to celebrate his birthday with a healthy, yet delicious meal and swim. No strippers, no booze, no million-dollar party. It’s all about getting in shape for that big moment he has been waiting for the past few months.

Shopping as a therapy
When you have a seven-figure paycheck, shopping might be your favorite activity. Mayweather is known for his extravagant entertainment that includes purchasing luxurious cars, diamonds, houses, watches, planes, and pretty much everything else a John Doe will never afford. It might be an expensive hobby, but collecting golden watches and diamond encrusted electronics is definitely suitable for an undefeated champion. Manny Pacquiao is no stranger to extreme spending as he purchased a $12.5 million mansion in Beverly Hills and has paid for 900 tickets worth $4 million for his “closest” friends and family to see his legendary encounter with Floyd. Besides this, he owned a semi-pro basketball team and does a lot of charity work that even got him elected as a congressman back in the Philippines.

Last but not least, professional boxers love sports and neither of them will ever miss the chance to show off their motor skills. Some are also talented basketball players or have a passion for football, soccer, and golf.

Joe O'Neill

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