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‘B*tch Please!’ – McCarthy was Close to Clocking Cronin in Cork

Craig McCarthy says Kevin Cronin was very fortunate not to have been put to sleep well before they meet for the Irish title.

The Munster duo went head to head in a Cork ring post Cronin’s victory over Santos Medrano last month, as it was officially confirmed the Boxing Union of Ireland has sanctioned an Irish title fight between the pair.

It all got a bit WWE when the Deise fighter grabbed the mic and ignited a bout of verbal sparring. McCarthy has since revealed it could have been worse and says he had to refrain from going full Wrestlemania and laying the smackdown on Cronin. The Waterford man says he tried to keep it polite and took umbrage with the fact the Kerry fighter opted for what he felt was a different approach.

Indeed, so upset was ‘Built2Last’ that but for the fact his son was in the squared circle with him he would have let his hands go.

“Kevin was very lucky in the ring in Cork after getting all thick and thinking he was the big man when I’m there with my son. I got in the ring and showed him nothing but the utmost respect. If my son wasn’t there he was getting two hooks on the chin and getting slept.”

The 36-year-old BUI Celtic title holder was upset at the time but is now glad of what he takes as Cronin disrespect, as he can use it as motivation ahead of a huge Irish title fight.

“Everything happens for a reason I fight better with anger and he has given me the fuel to burn him, so thanks pal.”

McCarthy also reads a lot into the fact he took centre stage upon entering a ring Cronin just secured a knockout win in front of a large Kerry contingent.

“At the show in Cork he was offered the microphone and sh*t himself, he walked away. I was like give me that f*ckin’ mic. Then he decides to try and get ballsy. When I was mid mid flight he decided to say two or three words, b*tch please! I stole his thunder that night so imagine what il do come fight night.”


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