Boxing Gloves – How to Choose the Right Ones

Just like all other protective equipment, boxing gloves should be the right degree of firm and comfy, and this can only come to be when they are sized properly. Thus, determining the right gloves might feel overwhelming for a person more interested in boxing than betting on Irish casino sites when trying to win real money. This is because there are several styles and brands to choose from, while simultaneously taking some criteria into consideration. Some factors to consider when selecting boxing gloves are discussed in detail in this write-up. 

Things to know when selecting boxing gloves

There are some details to note when choosing the right gloves. Some of which are:

  • Boxing gloves should be selected based on their quality, size, weight, and purpose. 
  • For beginners, it is advisable to begin with basic and inexpensive gloves. With more experience, you can work your way up the ladder. 
  • If you plan to go into martial arts, then a flexible boxing glove is preferable. 
  • During training, it is best to use heavier boxing gloves whereas for competition, use light boxing gloves. 

Types of boxing gloves

To determine the gloves that are the right fit for you, you have to know the different kinds of boxing gloves and their purposes. The main categories of boxing gloves include:

Bag Gloves

These kinds of gloves are best suited for punching heavy bags and other punch training equipment. This is because they contain less padding than either sparring or competition gloves. Bag gloves help boxers to observe the weight of their punches and also get used to the jolt. 

Training Gloves 

This is more of a multipurpose gear. Its padding makes it suitable for sparring, while also functioning as bag gloves. Thus, it is a great choice for those looking to purchase a single pair of gloves. 

Sparring Gloves

Sparring gloves are similar to training gloves but they have additional padding because they are purposely made for sparring. This extra padding protects not only the boxer but also the opponent. 

Competition Gloves 

These types of gloves are designed with less padding so your partner can feel the force of your jabs. They are also sub-divided into amateur and professional depending on the competition. 

Fitting & Sizing

For amateurs, boxing gloves are in three sizes and they are:

  • 10oz. Gloves – This is for fighters in the light welterweight(141 pounds) category.
  • 12oz. Gloves – Boxers who use these are generally within the welterweight(152 lbs) through to the super heavyweight(above 201 lbs) division. 
  • 16oz. Gloves – These are specifically designed for Master’s Division boxers who are 41 years old and above. 

Also, for professional boxers, there are two classes. 

  • 8-ounce Gloves – Fighters in the welterweight(147lb.) division and below use these gloves. 
  • 10oz. Gloves – These are for boxers in and above the super welterweight(154lb. and above) category. 

Final Thoughts 

Irrespective of the type, brand, or size, boxing gloves should not be too tight that it cuts blood flow, nor should they be too loose. They must be snug, with just the right amount of padding while fitting your fist perfectly. However, note that your boxing gloves might not always feel too comfortable at first, but with time and practice, you will get used to them. 

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