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What Does The Recent Loss to Tommy Fury Mean for Jake Paul’s Career?

Jake Paul was defeated by Tommy Fury on February 26th, in what was the first loss in his professional boxing career. In this case, it’s important to stress the word “professional” since, believe it or not, this boxer came out of YouTube.

Jake Paul together with his brother Logan Paul became online celebrities thanks to their videos of pranks and stunts on YouTube and other platforms. Later on, both used their online fame to get into boxing. 

It looked like a huge blow for the boxer, who has won all of his six professional fights, four of them by knockout. Here are some thoughts on what this defeat means for this boxer.

A Humbling Experience

According to Paul, this was a humbling experience for him. However, he also mentioned he had already won everything in life and made it farther than he ever thought he would. Hopefully, he remembers the “humbling” part of his declaration in the future.

According to the boxer, he’s determined to come back. This defeat was a split decision and both opponents had their highlights during the fight.

Paul’s Online Betting Venture Going Strong

A couple of months before the fight, Paul announced he was developing a new platform in the sports-betting industry. Together with Joey Levy, the pair are working on a sports betting site called Betr. It will focus on micro-betting.

There are many interested parties in investing, which includes Ezekiel Elliot, Dez Bryant and rapper Travis Scott among others. His defeat hasn’t changed these plans, and the upcoming company plans to be among the most reputable sports betting casinos by using Paul’s online fame.

Emotionally Hurt


Paul claims to be emotionally hurt by the fight’s result. If that’s the case, it may very well mean a reduction of performance for the upcoming fights. When people feel emotionally hurt, it doesn’t just affect the mind but it can also cause physical symptoms.

Among the physical symptoms that have a connection to emotional distress are diarrhoea, headaches, muscle pain and nausea. Naturally, these problems can heavily affect a boxer’s training, which could reduce their performance substantially.

The mental impact of emotional pain is nothing to dismiss, either. It can lead to alcohol and substance abuse among other issues. It goes without saying that incurring such behaviour can mean the end of a boxer’s career.

Celebration by Sceptics

Even though Paul has enjoyed massive popularity, many boxing purists see him as a “fake boxer” and an affront to the sport itself. 

What’s more, some even go as far as defining boxing as a “sport which people watch to see you lose”. Some boxing critics argue that Paul didn’t realise this, and had the opposite idea. While he thought he was watched by millions of adoring fans, there were many hoping for him to fail.

Another argument against Paul’s credibility in the ring is that his previous opponents were an ex-NBA player, MMA fighters and other unknown boxers. This would be Paul’s first fight against a “real” boxer.

A Loser in the Ring, a Winner in the Bank

Jake Paul might have been sad after his defeat, but he was surely laughing all the way to the bank if his accounting skills were correct. According to him, he made 25 million pounds as a result of this fight.

In fact, this is one of the reasons why he boasted this was a successful venture, taking a business-side approach to analysing his boxing fight. Conversely, Fury got “just” 5 million pounds for the fight, according to some reports.

Paul might also be eager for a rematch, which is stipulated by the contract, to continue raking it in. He indicated he would like to activate that clause, and if so, it could be an even bigger event than this first one.

Tyson Fury agrees with Paul. This heavyweight champion is Tommy Fury’s sibling and advised his brother to fight Paul one more time before moving on to other opponents.

The Problem Child Will Keep Making Trouble

In case somebody wonders whether this will be the end of Paul’s boxing aspirations, everything points in the opposite direction. Whether you love him or hate him, his defeat has only fueled his presence online.

The fight was also a lucrative endeavour for everyone involved, especially him. A rematch looks as solid as possible, too. All of this means that Jake Paul’s boxing career is far from the end. 

Whether it can win credibility as a serious boxer is an entirely different matter. Only time will tell if he’s able to convince the traditional boxing world of his skills.


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