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Why Boxing Is the Best Sport

Boxing is one of the oldest sports in martial arts. It is a contact sport between two people where competitors throw punches at each other. Boxing is fun like picks & predictions when you want to wager.

Protective gear is vital to prevent serious injury. For amateur boxing, the players wear headgear, mouthguards, and gloves. For professional boxing, gloves and mouthguards are the protective gear. Boxing is an excellent sport, and here are the reasons.

Boxing Is All-Inclusive

Boxing is very easy to learn. Anyone can play boxing, whether young or old, male or female. Boxing competitions are also divided into two; amateur and professional. This makes it easy for one to develop in terms of skills.

You can learn boxing from the comfort of your home as you don’t need a lot of equipment. This is if you are doing it for fun or leisure.

Boxing Is Good for Exercise

Almost all sporting activities are good for physical exercise. Boxing is a great way to engage your body physically. During a boxing event, you involve most of your body muscles.

Boxing is excellent for your heart. The High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) nature of the sport has a positive impact on heart health. It reduces the risk of cardiac disease.

Boxing is an excellent means of losing excess weight. You may be looking for a way to balance your body mass index. Boxing is a physical activity that can help you achieve this goal. Research has shown that a one-hour boxing session can help you burn 1000 calories.

Boxing Relieves Stress

Sometimes life can be hectic. You could have a rough day at the office or argue with your spouse. That’s generally stressful.

Punching a bag, which is a way of boxing, can help you release that negative energy. It is a form of reducing the stress hormone Cortisol. This is why someone feels relaxed after a boxing session, provided they don’t get an injury in the process.

Boxing Is Good for Defence

Many people get into boxing for leisure. However, most people who take boxing seriously do it for self-defense.

Boxing is about throwing a punch and defending yourself against your opponent’s punches. More training sessions, preferably by a professional, will eventually help you become good at reflexes and coordination. You can apply this both in competitions or for personal defense against intruders.

Military and the entire police force take part in boxing to learn defense. This can be essential for their line of work.

Boxing Builds Your Mental and Physical Ability

Boxing is a physical and contact sport. It involves punching and defending. You need to be physically fit. Weight-lifting is involved in the training sessions.

Also, boxing is a mind game where you must read your opponent. It is easier to defeat your opponent mentally before doing it physically. All these aspects are handled during training.

Boxing Helps With Reflex and Motor Skills

The amount of control and coordination required in boxing is immense. It is not just the ability to throw a punch. It is how you do it and where you direct it.

The footwork involved in boxing also helps you develop your balance and general motor skills. You become better at making quick decisions and reflexes in the sport and other aspects of life.

Boxing Can Be a Source of Income

It can be quite obvious. Muhammad Ali, the greatest boxer of all time, made a fortune from his boxing career. Other notable boxing figures are Mike Tyson, Floyd Mayweather, Conor McGregor, and Manny Pacquiao, among others.

A professional boxing match attracts many sponsors, which is a way for the boxers to earn a good income. Mayweather is known for his luxurious way of living, and it is all because of his boxing career.


Boxing is a great sport to try. You can do it to pass your free time. You can also engage in boxing with a specific goal like losing weight for defense or reducing stress.

All in all, boxing is a good sport with many benefits, especially for general body health. The good thing is that boxing has no specific category of people who can play it. You can enjoy the sport regardless of age or gender.

Jonny Stapleton contributor for 15 years and editor for the past decade. Have been covering boxing for over 16 years and writing about sports for a living for over 20 years. Former Assistant Sports editor for the Gazette News Paper Group and former Tallaght Voice Sports Editor. Have had work published in publications around the world when working as a freelance journalist. Also co-founder of Junior Sports Media and Leinster Rugby PRO of the Year winner. email: