Best Movie Boxing Scenes

Boxing is an art that goes beyond plainly throwing punches, but there is undeniable brutality to it that the audiences love to feel. Since these all blend into a smooth flow, many of the audiences are mesmerised to believe that this cinematic experience is the same as reality. 

They are not so much concerned with the technicalities behind each movement and jabs, just as several punters are not concerned with the intricacies of the best online slots, so long as they have fun. Some movies fit into this category, whereas some others are so exciting that all these factors fall into the background, and do not seem so important. In no particular order, we have brought to you a few of the best scenes in cinematic boxing and here they are. 

Raging Bull – Jake LaMotta vs Sugar Ray Robinson

In Raging Bull, two different boxing techniques come in close contact when Robinson partners against LaMotta. This scene does a great job at establishing LaMotta’s prowess as the best while simultaneously capturing the defeat of Robinson. Also, the camera angling and other features made Robinson’s loss all the more embarrassing. All these happening in the first 20 minutes adds some extra appeal to the fight scene. We can successfully conclude that this scene delivers in every way. 

Million Dollar Baby – Maggie vs Billie “The Blue Bear” 

This movie brings to life one of those few moments where a single punch wins the round. Here, in the dialogue between Frankie and Maggie, a blend of the boxer’s natural expertise and that of the trainer is very noticeable. Furthermore, this boxing scene succeeds in expressing a lot of emotions which places it among the top boxing movie scenes out there. 

The Hurricane – Rubin Carter vs Emile Griffith

Portrayed by Denzel Washington, Rubin Carter, a heavyweight boxer was famous for his quick, sharp, and not-so-aggressive jabs. This is well established in the fight scene between Carter “The Hurricane” and Emile Griffith, a welterweight champion. Moreover, this scene does well in displaying Carter as a better fighter and also proves why he is dubbed The Hurricane. Carter’s win after two minutes and thirteen seconds is evidence of his prowess. 

Warrior – Brendan Conlon vs Tommy Conlon

Starring Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton, Warrior depicts two alienated siblings having at it in the ring. While Tommy repeatedly battered his brother, we get a peep at unfettered hostility. Although noticeably choreographed, this scene displays a fight, personal on so many levels, alongside suppressed anger. The first two minutes of this fight were a show of unbridled antagonism which was well-synced with the movie’s narrative. 

Rocky – Apollo Creed vs Rocky Balboa

Rocky Balboa’s fight against a world-class champion like Apollo Creed was a good representation of the American dream. Here, we see Apollo Creed get knocked down, which is his first ever, by Rocky. In this scene, Rocky develops an advantage over Creed who is visibly thrown off-balance by Rocky’s competence. Eventually, we see the ring judges stopping Rocky from continuously pummeling Creed. This movie showcases the hopes and dreams of the average human, making it top-tier.

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