The Big Interview with Big Rogie- Rogan I would happily beat Big Daddy Browne

Cathal Jennings sat down with Irish Heavyweight and former Commonwealth Champion Martin Rogan.

See what ‘Big Rogie’ has to say about Lucas Browne, Audley Harrison and the state of Irish boxing.

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CJ: Lucas Browne said he’d like to defend his commonwealth title against you, how do you feel about that?

Martin Rogan: I was glad to hear of Lucas (Big Daddy) say he would like to make his defence of the Commonwealth title against me, it would make a great fight one I would gladly take on and step up to the challenge.

CJ: Do you think you can be the first to beat Lucas?

Martin Rogan: Yes I believe I could be the one to defeat Lucas and dethrone him wouldn’t be easy but I can you better believe it I could.

CJ: We know you would sell out the Odyssey but would you travel to Sydney to fight him?

Martin Rogan: I have sold out the Odyssey many times the fans have made it possible. The atmosphere made my hair stand up for all I have of it, of course I would travel to Lucas home town to fight him it’s his title so I guess the ball is in his court.

CJ: If the fight didn’t come off with Lucas who would you like to face next?

Martin Rogan: If the fight with Lucas doesn’t happen nothing lost, I will still be getting in the ring to get back in the mix so I will be picking I will be picking who I see fit to achieve that.

CJ: What do you think is the current state of boxing in Ireland north and south?

Martin Rogan: I think boxing in Ireland is at an all time high from our amateur with the likes of Mick Conlan, Paddy Barnes and in general all up and coming etc in the pros Carl Frampton is IBF champion, Andy Lee is holding world honours and more stepping up Sean Turner, Dee Walsh, Tommy Mc Carthy, Jaie Conlan, Marco Mc Cullough. Irish boxing is getting better and better.

CJ: You have fought Audley Harrison before what do you think of decision to fight on after his loss to Wilder?

Martin Rogan: I think Audley’s decision to box on is totally his call and if he feels he should then so be it it’s brave no matter good or bad.

CJ: Would you like to step in the ring again with Audley?

Martin Rogan: I would fight Audley again no problem if it was for a title or a fight to get a title of course I would I fight any man if it’s worth benefit’s my career.

CJ: Your known as a great character, I was wondering what you thought of our fellow Irishman Conor McGregor and how he goes about things?

Martin Rogan: I think Conor McGregor is doing amazing he is the talk everywhere, social media, TV, everywhere. He goes about things in a controlled aggressive way and get’s the job done but he better stay clear of Rogie or I will have to slap his ass good and proper.

CJ: You have a huge following here in Ireland so do you think a domestic dust up with Mike Perez?

Martin Rogan: I know Mike Perez and what he has done, he has some good skills. He is now declared Irish as he got his citizenship, another ambassador for Irish and Cuban boxing. If any fight with meaning comes for me it would always fill a big arena, I have a great following here and the UK and to Perez. It would undoubtedly be another great fight to have.

CJ: What is next in the career of Martin Rogan?

Martin Rogan: Next in my career is to continue training, drive forward to a big fight, get a gym opened where I belong and trying to do at present it’s expensive and want to look after some pros and have my own stable of fighter’s to pass down all I know and more including the public.

CJ: If another Prizefighter tournament was on the cards would you like to take part in it?

Martin Rogan: If another Prizefighter came around I would pass on it I want to be remembered as the number 1 unless I put one on with bigger and better shows shows.

CJ: What do you think of the Heavyweight division at the moment ie the Klitschko monopoly?

Martin Rogan: I think the heavyweight scene at the minute, it’s at a high with new names and faces rising up, but stop this dodging fighters if you are in this sport and believe your the best then prove it by it by fighting all in front of you. I believe Klitschko is beatable he is a great he has beat all to date but his time is coming to an end. Tyson Fury has a pair and will be the champ soon.

CJ: What do you think of Andy Lee winning the world title?

Martin Rogan: I think Andy Lee winning the World title is fantastic and long over due for him he and all of us in Ireland. He stayed focused and patient all comes to those that wait. May it continue Maith thu Andy Lee.

CJ: Dereck Chisora is looking for an opponent would you consider a fight with him?

Martin Rogan: If Chisora was looking an opponent for his next fight, I would swim over the Irish sea like I did before to win prizefighter and many other fights and gladly be the guy in the opposite corner to teach him or beat some manner’s into him.

CJ: What do you think of the rise of Anthony Joshua?

Martin Rogan: I think Anthony Joshua has proved himself so far I am impressed with him and his no holding back way.

CJ: How is you acting career going?

Martin Rogan: My acting career has been quiet from the Keith Lemon The Movie, have been chatting with the guy who got me into acting way back Pearse Elliot who wrote ‘Man about dog’ ‘pulling moves’ etc and there maybe a light at the end of the tunnel with another movie love to act in one with Vinnie Jones and fellow country man Liam Neeson I can’t find him lol.

CJ: Would you like to train some up and coming Irish fighters, pass on your experience?

Martin Rogan: Yes I will train someone up at the min. I’m doing a bit with my son Ruben James he’s 6 and has surprised me to add he’s a southpaw he is more skill than I could ever imagine for a young lad who hasn’t watched boxing, watch out future fighters.

CJ: Can we get a Martin Rogan fight down here in Dublin?

Martin Rogan: Love to fight in Dublin again haven’t fought in the Capital City from way back it was for Ireland in the national stadium hopefully this year. I will be there on the 20th Feb to cheer on Sean Turner big sexy love to train him young and strong and can do it.

CJ: Do you have a message for Lucas ‘Big Daddy’ Browne?

Martin Rogan: Yes I have a message for Lucas ‘Big Daddy’ Browne. If you still fancy the fight and want to give me an opportunity at the belt I’m here I will give you more than you would care for Lucas, but apart from the fighting talk I wish you the very best of luck in your career Lucas Good Luck. Slan


Integral part of the Irish boxing community for over 13 years