The three best sports to bet on


Anyone looking for tips on high-yield sports betting will always come across the same recommendations. As far as money management, value betting and line shopping, i.e. general tips, are concerned, this is absolutely correct. However, one rarely stumbles over recommendations about which sports are particularly suitable for betting. And this despite the fact that it is obvious that there are tactical differences between different sports from the point of view of sports betting, which can, for example, make forecasting easier or more difficult.


Even if this contribution is admittedly quite subjective and based on the author’s experience: Here are three sports that are particularly suitable for sports betting (albeit for different reasons).



Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) offer a variety of advantages when it comes to betting on them. On the one hand they are an individual sport (fighter against fighter) and not a team sport. This facilitates the evaluation insofar as you have to research the chances of individual athletes competing against each other. Team sport, on the other hand, always has the disadvantage that weak individual performances at the decisive moment can pull in an entire (otherwise strong) team. Something that happens very often and can hardly be realistically foreseen! This uncertainty factor is considerably mitigated if only individual athletes are weighed against each other.


In addition, MMA is a very broadly based full-contact martial art that includes wrestling, kickboxing and ground fighting. Thus MMA is a martial art of great tactical breadth and stylistic advantages of the fighters over their opponents can be researched well. Moreover, “more exciting” fighters are often overrated by the spectators (and thus the betting public). A dangerous pugilist may make the hearts of the fans beat faster. But if he meets a wrestler who is rather boring but has a good chin, it can quickly happen that he is constricted and can hardly apply his punches effectively during the fight.

Generally successful underdogs are often found in the MMA, which tends to bring a lot of value.


Last but not least, MMA is still a very young sport. So the bookmakers have not yet been able to mechanically illuminate it so well, which is partly reflected in the odds. Moreover, many of the attributes that make fighters successful (good avoidance movements, footwork, positioning, fight IQ, heart and toughness) are quite abstract concepts and hard to grasp statistically. Which doesn’t make the bookmaker’s job any easier.



US sports generally have the advantage that Americans don’t like draws. So there are none. A team always wins! This is potentially advantageous because all straight bets are only a two-way affair.


But baseball is especially worth mentioning here. Why Baseball? Baseball is, statistically speaking, the opposite of MMA. While in MMA many decisive qualities are only indirectly statistically recordable, baseball is an extremely statistically influenced sport. Due to its static nature (there are only two situations in which players move at all), almost every action on the field is statistically usable without any gaps. This makes baseball extremely predictable. For the bookmakers AND for the bettors. It is important to know the key performance parameters. Statistics, which show the performance and reliability of the pitcher and how many runs on average lead to points, would be exemplary here.


The decisive aspect, why baseball is interesting from the point of view of the competitors, is that an MLB baseball season in the USA comprises VERY many games. The teams play up to 160 games per season! As long as the concentration, excitement and motivation is high, it is almost impossible. Because losing individual games is not such a big drama now that you have so many. This always results in matches where better teams lose against underdogs. Exactly in this area, especially in the middle of the season (sporting no man’s land), you can always find value bets!



Similar to baseball, soccer also benefits from a richly filled schedule. Not because Bundesliga teams have as many matches as the teams in the MLB. But because the bookmakers offer bets on almost all relevant and halfway relevant leagues (and often still their subclasses). Here, too, you can draw on the full range.


However, it is usually more advisable to bet on lower, foreign leagues. Here the odds are not so tight, because the amount of money bet is not so big. Accordingly, the bookmakers research less carefully. Those who do their homework here will be able to find some soft odds from which capital can be made.Who feels prepared to plunge on one of these kinds of sport, that should consult first in order to bring also the best offers in experience.





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