4 CBD Myths Athletes Should Know About

Browsing the web for information regarding CBD can be very difficult. There are wild health claims and contradictory information floating all around, and to make matters worse, many of the websites containing information about CBD are also selling CBD products. It’s hard to trust content produced with such a clear conflict of interest.

And that’s all a shame, because CBD has a lot to offer. Especially for professional athletes around the world, many of whom could benefit from a natural way to deal with stress and injuries. Many big names have already started using and promoting CBD products, including Conor McGregor, Eddie Hall, Kieran Kevan, and Alex Montagnani.

If you are interested in giving CBD a try, there are some myths you should be aware of.

Myth #1 – CBD is not psychoactive

You’ll see this piece of misinformation spread everywhere around the web. In an effort to distance CBD from THC, writers rush to say that the substance has no psychoactive properties. That information is wrong. “Psychoactive” is any substance that affects your perception, mood, consciousness, cognition, or behavior.

Under that definition, CBD definitely fits the bill. The substance is a mood depressant that lessens the effects of stress and anxiety. Other everyday substances, like caffeine and alcohol, are also psychoactive — so there’s no need to shy away from applying the label to CBD.

Myth #2 – CBD will make you intoxicated

This is more of an unspoken assumption. There’s a general concern that, since it is a cannabis byproduct, CBD may make you feel high or intoxicated. That’s not a possibility.

Back in 2017, the World Health Organization reviewed hundreds of CBD-related studies and found no evidence that the substance can lead to substance abuse or be used recreationally. CBD simply does not cause a feeling of intoxication, no matter how much you use it. It is also virtually impossible to overdose.

Myth #3 – CBD has no side effects

There’s a misconception that everything that’s natural is good for you, period. That’s not how it works. Yes, you can become diabetic by having fast food and milkshakes, but eating enough sugary fruits will have the exact same effect.

Yes, CBD is natural, but it is not free of side effects and risks. The exact list of potential side effects is still being determined, but CBD may cause constipation, diarrhea, dryness of the mouth, and drowsiness.

The latter is more common when you use large doses of CBD. While there is an indication that some CBD can help you focus, too much CBD will make you feel slow and drowsy.

Myth #4 – CBD products contain CBD

This is more of a problem in the US than in the UK, but one look at Amazon UK will still let you find fake CBD products all around. Many of which are just hemp seed oil, containing no CBD at all. Be careful where you buy your CBD products. If you buy from sketchy sellers, you run the risk of getting inconsistent results or no results at all. Want to learn more about CBD? Check out Cibdol.com.


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