Warrior Waldron wants McDonagh Rematch

By Jonny Stapleton- Picture Erci Guy

He may have lost all but one round when he challenged Paddy McDonagh for the vacant Irish light welterweight title in Liverpool last Saturday night, but John Wladron claims the fight was a close encounter of the boxing kind.

So close in fact the Mayo man wants a rematch. The former champ, who is now on a five fight loosing streak, believes final 99-91 score card makes is deceptive and makes for misleading reading.

The 36 year old claims every round was close and is sure but for an arm injury that had him in hospital just days before the fight he would have retained the strap.

‘The Warrior” believes he has the champs cards marked and wants a return.

“I don’t care what the score card said. It was a close fight. Paddy himself and Tom Ward (McDonagh’s manager) said as much straight after the fight. He deserved to win the title and fair play to him, but every single round was tight,” Wladron contacted www.irish-boxing.com to say.
“I don’t want to make excuses but I was in hospital the week prior with an arm injury. It was too big an opportunity to pull out so I stuck with it and battled through the pain. I still hurt him. I would love to get him in the ring again. I would fight him anywhere for that belt. I would fight him in the dressing rooms if I had too.”

The Irish light heavyweight title seems to be the most fashionable and sought after belts in Ireland at present. The renowned interest in the title seems to have coincided with Seanie Monaghan’s emergence on the scene.
The Long Beach ticket seller, who will appear on Lou DiBella’s March 17 Madison Square garden Card, is interested in the strap  and previously told www.irish-boxing.com he would like to win it on Paddys Day.
Waldron, however claims his pride and not a potential big purse is his sole motivation  for regaining a belt he took off Jamie Power in Limerick.

Waldron also hit out at Michael Sweeney for trying to secure a shot he previously turned down.
“I think being champion of your country is a massive honour and I want to achieve that again. Everyone seems to be sticking their ore in of late. Michael Sweeney has been shouting his mouth off saying he is next in line. Well Michael turned down the chance to fight Paddy McDonagh for that title in December and as a result a whole show fell through. I am not ducking and diving here. I will take the fight again.”

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