Walsh ‘astounded’ by controversial judging in O’Reilly clash

‘Robbery’ that was general consensus after Micheal O’Reilly suffered defeat to Hosam Abdin in Doha today.

The World Bronze medal winner went down 3-0 in a box-off for Olympic qualification at the World championships in a fight most felt he had won.

Indeed, their was shock across the board as a host of fight fans and fighters cried foul especially on hearing there was no live scores as per usual at the end of each round.

High Performance coach Billy Walsh claims he was ‘astounded’ by the result and speaking to Newstalk claimed the manner in which O’Reilly lost out on a Rio 2016 spot was wrong.

“I’m astounded to be honest with you. There’s a young man, his opportunity to qualify for the Olympic Games, who’s done tremendously well this year and is poised to finish in the top four in the world, and it’s been taken away from him, wrongly in my opinion”

O’Reilly still has two more chances to secure an Olympic place, but is disappointed it isn’t already in the bag.


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