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The UFC Way – Dana White Praises Callum Walsh’s Approach

Such is ‘superstar’ in waiting, Callum Walsh’s approach to boxing, that his credentials will never be questioned argues Dana White.

White is a big fan of the fast-rising light middleweight and a bigger fan of how he is being developed by Freddie Roach and Tom Loeffler.

The massive name in MMA says the WBC International silver champion at 154lbs has been matched in a perfectly progressive fashion.

He claims it’s a UFC method that doesn’t just build stars but experienced respected and deserved champions.

“This kids been fighting real guys, normally in boxing they give you a bunch of stiffs on your way up,” he said when asked about Walsh’s November 9 Madison Square Garden Theatre bill topper.

“This kid is doing it the right way. The UFC has been the model to prove that when you fight legit fights all the way up no one questions you when you become the champion.

“If you fight the best on your way up it’s tough for people not to recognize you as the man, plus you get experience from those fights.”

Discussing Walsh’s title defence against New Yorker Ismael Villarreal [13(9)-1] which plays out in New York tomorrow he adds: “For Callum, this kid represents a great fight. You’ve got the whole Ireland versus local New Yorker thing. I love the matchmaking Tom Loeffler is the best matchmaker in boxing.”

It’s that kind of ambitious matchmaking as well as the raised profile of the UFC bill topper that will fast-track him to stardom.

“100 percent he can become a superstar. It’s not just me who thinks that Freddie Roach is also a big believer in Callum. I was on board early and I’ve done everything I can to help expose him to more people and get people in to watch his fights.

“I look forward to watching him fight for a title in the next year or so.”


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