Two Tyrone’s learn their Golden Contract semi final fate – Davies avoids McKenna

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Tyrone McKenna (20(6)-1) and Tyrone McCullagh (14(6)-0) both received their opponents for Friday nights Golden Contract Semi-Finals in York Hall.

The Pete Taylor coached duo both see themselves in tough fights in order to get through to the final of the new and fresh competition held by MTK Global.

The draw for the featherweights took place first as McCullagh drew a red ball and was picked by Golden ball holder (at super featherweight) Ryan Walsh (25(12)-2).

The British title holder and EBU title challenger provides a tough test for the tricky southpaw in what will make for an exciting contest.

What will be interesting to see is if the British title will be on the line. Derry’s ‘White Chocolate’ has previously stated he has no interest in the strap and wouldn’t want to ‘win it as an Irishman’.

Speaking on his opponent McCullagh said, “100% I’m confident in my own ability, I’m glad I got picked I didn’t want the golden ball but Ryan is a great fighter and I’m looking forward to a great fight, nothing but respect, its gonna be a great fight.”

The 33-year-old Walsh was happy with his pick as he stated

“I had a few different things to think about. I didn’t think I was going to get the golden ball I would have preferred the red, but I have chosen Tyrone because I think stylistically we have worked more against his style, so we will see how it all plans out.’

‘The Mighty Celt” Mckenna drew former a lot of people’s tournament favourite Mohamed Mimoune (22(3)-3) after rival Ohara Davies (20(15)-2(1) chose Jeff Ofori (10(3)-1) as his opponent. ‘Two Tanks’ drew the golden ball and had the perfect chance to make sure he settled his long standing grudge with McKenna. However, he chose Ofori and proceeded to downplay the ‘beef’ between himself and McKenna and listed his reasons as to why he chose Ofori.

“Listen me and Tyrone McKenna everyone is trying to make this beef, there ain’t no beef boxing is fun we talk trash, I might still talk trash to him but it is all fun and games and Ofori is the one that I picked, hopefully, Tyrone McKenna can get through this next fight and it will make an amazing final, Tyrone is an amazing fighter, Mimoune is an amazing fighter and Ofori is an amazing fighter, we are all amazing fighters in this thing but I would like to meet Tyrone McKenna in a final, it would make an amazing final.”

The Mighty Celt’ had this to say on his opponent for Friday night: “Mimoune is a classy boxer, I’m just excited to get in there, I believe he is top 15 in the world in the WBC so I’m looking to get that ranking and I’m excited for this fight”


Josh Reid McCabe

Boxing fanatic, part-time writer for the Star newspaper Email